3 Wheel scooter for kids | Scooter for kids girls

3 wheel scooter for kids is the best way for your kid’s to have fun outdoor & indoor.

When you think about your  kids’ toy the word scooter comes to your mind. They can be 3 wheeled or even 2 wheeled. A 3 wheel scooter is a good toy among the kids. It brings a smile on any child’s face.

A 3 wheel kids scooter specially designed for kids, generally  scooter durable, safe and made of high quality material. If you want to buy it for your kids, don’t be late, this is one of the  best gifts. It develops a kid’s skills, confidence levels and is good for your kid’s physical exercise.

Its handlebar height can be adjusted with your kid’s height. The 3 wheel scooter comes with a multiple color, music, design, basket & LED wheels that glows as you ride it.

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Safety precautions while riding on 3 wheels scooter

While using 3 wheel scooter there are some following safety tips:-

Don’t ride on highways and traffic areas.

  • While riding a 3 wheel scooter your kids must wear safety equipment like a helmet, shoes, guards for the wrists, elbows and knees.
  • Don’t ride 2 children at the same time on a scooter.
  • Hold handles firmly.
  • Don’t drive on a downhill road.
  • Keep your eyes on your kids when they are riding their scooter.
  • Provide a safe area when they ride their scooter.
  • Take your time, don’t ride too fast.
  • Take extra care when you are crossing the road.
  • Don’t use a 3 wheel scooter in the rainy season.
  • Don’t ride on cracked, oily, icy surfaces.
  • Don’t ride in poor visibility, it can be dangerous.
  • Avoid bad weather.
  • Don’t do any type of stunts.
  • Check your scooter’s functions regularly.

Selection criteria / buying Guideline for 3 wheel scooter for kids


When 3 wheel scooter select children’s age keeping in mind because little kids can’t ride on big size scooter. The 3 wheel scooter handlebar is adjustable. It’s preferable to buy a flexible height scooter.

Color and Design

This scooter has many attractive colors and designs like cartoon characters on handles etc. According to your children’s age you can choose different designs of scooters like keep sippers, bell, lookable front basket also available in these scooters. 


Some scooters have 2 front wheels and 1 back wheel and some 1 front wheel and 2 back.  A 3 wheel scooter for kids is made of high quality material. Wheels will usually have PU with metal core and  PU with plastic core. You may find LED lights in wheels also.

Adjustable handlebar

As per your kids height, handlebars are adjustable. Three wheel scooter has soft grippy aluminum handles. Handlebars can be easily removed or foldable.


Some time before 3 wheel scooters with no brakes. But nowadays a 3 wheel scooter comes with a brake, either foot brakes or handbrakes. It’s your choice to take one of them.

Foldable design

Three wheel scooter can be easily foldable without pressing any foldable button. It can be folded with the help of losing a screw. Its Foldable design is easy to carry anywhere.

Foot deck size

It is a place where your kids put feet while riding on it. Wider foot deck area is comfortable for your kids. You may also find a non-slip mat on it. 

Sitting area

Some models have a comfort sitting area for your kids. It is adjustable and removable.

3 Wheel scooter for kids Price in India

There are a number of 3 wheel scooters available online and offline but its price starts from 1200 INR approx. to as per your budget. Generally price depends upon features & brands.

Top 5 : Best 3 wheel scooters for kids

Sr. No.DetailImage
1R for Rabbit Road Runner Kick Scooter for Kids
2Baybee Alpha Scooter for Kids
3Zemic Kids Road Master Runner Kids Scooter
4NHR Smart Kick Scooter
5JoyRide Three Wheel Kick Scooter

1 R for Rabbit Road Runner Kick Scooter for Kids of Above 3 Years, Skating Scooter for Boys, Girls, Scratch Free LED PU Wheels, 4-Level Adjustable Handlebar & Foldable Design & Wide Standing Board, Weight Capacity 75Kgs

If you are looking for a different toy for your kids then here it is rabbit road runner kick scooter which can take 75 kg weight. It has 4 level height adjustment. With the help of this scooter your kids can learn how to make a balance.

Key specification:-

  •    High PU wheel with LED light.
  •     Innovative design.
  •     Easy to fold.
  •    Build up quality is excellent.
  •    Easy to make balance.
  •   Weight capacity is 75 kg.
  •  Does not leave any mark on tiles that can be used indoors also.
  •  Soft grippy handlebars.

2 Baybee Alpha Scooter for Kids, 3 Wheel Kids Scooter Smart Kick Scooter with Foldable & Height Adjustable Handle & Extra-Wide LED PU Wheels & Brake, Skate Scooter for Kids (F3-Black)

If you want to give a gift to your kids, the baybee alpha scooter is excellent. It is designed for 3 to 10 years kids. It has various colors with a large foot brake so it is easy to stop the scooter quickly.

Key specification

  • It has 4 options of height adjustable.
  • When you scoot, Wheel lights up with flashing colors.
  •  Double lock system for adjusted height.
  • Non slip foot plate.
  • No assembly required ready to ride out of the box.
  • Non- slip rubber handle.
  • Extra wide deck space.

3 Zemic Kids RoadMaster Runner Kids Scooter, Skating Ride on, Scratch Free with 4 Adjustable Level I Multicolor Flashing LED Wheels I Handlebar & Foldable Design Diving Tank 6 

The Zemic kids scooter has brought 4 different colors for 3 to 14 years old kids. This scooter can be used indoors so due to the high quality of PU wheels it will not leave any scratch on tiles.

Key specification:-

  • It provides enough space to ride the scooter.
  • Its hand brake quality is very smooth to stop the scooter.
  • It has a bell for kids’ safety.
  • Handle height is 80 centimeters.
  • Made of non toxic virgin plastic.

4 NHR Smart Kick Scooter , 3 Adjustable Height, Foldable, Front Wheel & PVC Wheels for Kids (3+ Years)

NHR smart kick scooter design helps your child develop balance skills. Other best features of this scooter are its amazing body with large and smooth wheels.

 Key specification

  • Its PVC wheels help kids to ride the scooter on hard floors and wet grass.
  • This scooter is made of high quality metal.
  • Foldable structure.
  • Back pedal brake.
  • Handlebar is made of rubber and plastic.
  • Develops kids skills.

5 JoyRide Three Wheel Kick Scooter for Boys and Girls with Adjustable Height, Storage Basket, Foot Brake (3 Years-8 Years)

If you want to purchase a good scooter for your kids. Joy ride scooter  is a good option for your kids. It is lookable and has a front basket which helps to store snacks, toffees and small toys for kids. Its foot deck area is very comfortable and wide. One of the most enjoyable things is its music which is so fun and enjoyable for kids.

Key specification:-

  • Excellent wide foot brake.
  • Lookable basket.
  • Non slip handle bar.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Easy to balance and easy to control.


Q.1 Is this scooter safe or not?

Yes of course, but small kids should ride under their parent’s supervision.

Q.2 Is this scooter comfortable for kids ?

Yes, foot decks are completely comfortable for kids.

Q.3 Does this scooter have different colors ?

Yes it has multiple colors.

Q.4 Is the scooter durable ?

Yes but depends on how to handle and use it.

Q.5  Is the scooter easy to use ?

Yes, easy to use but under care of parents supervision.    


All the scooters that we have mentioned above are one of the best 3 wheel scooters for your kids. After reading the above guidelines you are capable enough to find one of the best 3 wheel scooters.

 your kids can have fun,enjoy this scooter and can develop your kid’s skills, increase their confidence level. It is good for physical activity.  

The best part of this scooter is that it is easy to carry, easy to fold and ride on under the care of adults/parents.

Good luck with your scooter!

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