Electric Socket Cover For Your Child Safety

Children are very curious to know everything, they don’t know whether they are right or wrong.

Children don’t know the hazards behind their activities.

The common practices of children to insert any object inside an electrical socket. They don’t know it is a life threatening activity.

Generally in home supply voltage in socket  230V/ 110V. If current flows through a child’s body for very little time it may danger for child.

To solve this problem you have three options you can choose as per your requirements. But as per our  opinion use third option.

  1. Remove electrical connection inside socket with the help of an electrician.
  2. Use adhesive tape on socket but this is not full proof solution kids remove tape with the help of nail or sharp objects.
  3. This is the best opinion. You can use an electric socket cover or dummy top to isolate the supply.

Generally in home electric sockets available in two ratings 5/6A & 15 A. In house maximum socket is 5/6A & few 15A (generally used for AC, Microwave, Heater, Geyser, Washing machine, Water Pump etc.)

If you are purchasing an electric socket cover  then you must check that it has a socket of 15A also.

Our opinion is never to use a dummy socket in front of your baby, because at this age they learn very quickly how to fix & remove electric socket covers.

Here we are finding best electric socket plug covers.

PROTOWARE Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards (Pack of 12)

In this you may also find Pack of 6, 12, 24, 36 as per your requirement.

In this pack you find two types of socket. It will fulfill  your requirements.

10 Pcs 5A small socket cover

2 Pcs 15A large socket cover.

Made of durable ABS plastic


For your child’s safety, electric socket cover is necessary. It will protect your child from an electric socket.

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