Outdoor Toy Storage Box

Outdoor toy storage boxes are a great way to organize kid’s toys and are a good space saving item.

If you do not have time to read the complete article you may find one of the best outdoor toy storage box.

Outdoor toy storage boxes are durable and reusable boxes in which kids can store their toys and they provide a great way to save space and keep areas neat and clean. 

If you have small kids then you have a lot of toys in your home and most of the kids spread their toys here and there after playing with it. So outdoor toy storage boxes are a good option to store the kid’s toys.

It can be a big challenge for every parent when they have limited space inside the home. So kids need a place where they can store their toys in a proper manner. 

Many times parents do not have a good place to store the toys, so it is a good solution to store the toys both inside and outside the house.

There are many different boxes for storage toys, a simple plastic storage box, adjustable steel shelves, a bench deck box, small space  boxes,etc. Outdoor toy storage box will help every parent who is always worried about the spread of toys here and there. Kids can put their toys in outdoor storage boxes whether it can be water toys, balls, baseball bats, pool toys. 

Toy storage boxes are not just for keeping toys, they also protect the toys from any breakage. Toys are an important part of our kids’ lives so it is important to have an appropriate place where they can store their toys after playing with them. 

In winter and summer, kid’s outdoor toys can be damaged due to melt of plastics, fade brightly colored and snow and rain. Summer brings heat and humidity. Outdoor toy storage box for kids is a good solution to keeping your kid’s toys safe from water damage, wind, heat, humidity, snow and rain.  

Safety precautions while kids using outdoor toy storage box

Always keep in mind some safety precautions when kids use outdoor  toy storage boxes. 

  • Make sure that the lid of the box does not fall on the kid’s head when he searches the toys.
  • Kid’s little fingers can easily become caught in a sliding toy box so always use in the presence of adults.
  • As far as possible if the lid is removable from the box then at the time of kid’s playing remove the lid.
  • Make sure no harsh edges around the toy storage box.
  • At the time of playing most of the kids go into hiding inside toy boxes so be sure your box has ventilation holes.
  • Time to time the toy storage box should be cleaned and sanitized for the kid’s safety.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines outdoor toy storage box for kids

While buying the best outdoor toy storage boxes you will have to  consider several factors. These factors may include:


Before purchasing an outdoor toy storage box for your kid’s toys, remember the size of the box. If your kid is small then prefer a small box because small kids keep less collection. So buy a perfect size according to your kid’s age.


Always remember, if you don’t want it to be damaged very soon then purchase a sturdy storage box. It should be completely sturdy and long lasting.

Attractive / look

If you have a choice, you can purchase an attractive toy storage box for your kids. Attractive box makes your kids so happy as well as playing. So keep in mind the attractiveness of the toy storage box before purchasing.

Color / size

There are many amazing and cute colors available in the market, you can select any type of color according to your kids choice. Size is the biggest thing to keep in mind before buying a storage box. Select that size which is perfect for your outdoor space. 

Materials & construction

Always check the materials and construction whether it is rain, wind, snow or heat inside the storage box items safe and secure. Most of the outdoor toy storage boxes are constructed using wood, plastic, resin or PVC.

Always purchase a good material outdoor toy storage box which can withstand all weather conditions. 


Another important thing to consider when shopping for your outdoor toy storage box is what style of box best fits your outdoor area. Outdoor toy storage boxes come in one of three styles- bench, standard or cabinet. You can select one of them according to your outdoor space.  

Outdoor toy storage box for kid’s price

Kids outdoor toy storage boxes have different quality, colors and different prices in the market but according to your budget you can select different quality toy storage boxes for your kids. Generally starting from approx. $30. You can buy it according to your budget.

Best outdoor toy storage box for kids

1Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest
2Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid | Plastic Toy & Art Storage Container
3Rubbermaid Medium Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Deck Box
4Keter Solana 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box
5YardStash Outdoor Storage Box (Waterproof)

1. Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest

Little tikes is a popular storage box of children’s toys. The blue and white colors make for an attractive storage box for kid’s toys. 

The shape of the box is very attractive between the kids. Its lightweight can easily transfer from one place to another without breaking. It is made of plastic, you can put it in the bedroom, playroom and outside if you want.


  • No assembly required.
  • It can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • It has a detachable and lightweight lid.
  • It has a large storage capacity.
  • Specially made for kid’s toys.


  • Lid does not stay upright.

2. Step 2  2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid Plastic Toy & Art Storage Container, Grey

This toy box is a perfect and colorful addition to any little one’s play. Step 2 toy box has 2 in 1 features a clip and art board lid to display masterpieces, or to hold paper as your kids draws. 

Kids can decorate their toy box by hanging masterpieces and posters with the art clip. It is perfect for outdoor and living rooms also.


  • Its art board lid is removable.
  • It is made of heavy duty plastic.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has multiple colors.
  • It is very cute and sturdy.


  • It is a little smaller.

3. Rubbermaid Medium Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Deck 

Rubbermaid outdoor storage deck designed for extra strength and durability. Its two layers provide reliable protection for valuable things. It has the perfect storage solution to fit your kid’s toys. 

It is made from high quality material that can store toys and other heavy items. It can be used as a bench seat. It protects stored items from moisture, rain and sun damage. 


  • It provides comfortable seating for 2 adults.
  • It is made from weather resistant plastic.
  • It has good storage capacity.
  • It is very sturdy.


  • It is expensive

4. Keter Solana Storage Bench Deck Box for kids toys and Outdoor Seating – Perfect to Store Garden Tools and Pool Toys, Brown

The keter solana storage bench looks like a wooden piece of furniture. But actually it is a plastic bench. It has extra hidden storage underneath the seat. It is made of all weather resistant. 

It provides comfortable bench seating for two or three with a heavy weight capacity. It is perfect for outdoor toys, pool accessories and beach accessories. 

It is a handsome addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can even lock the solana toy storage box.


  • It is not heavy.
  • Elegant and modern design.
  • Weather resistant design.
  • It is comfortable to sit on.
  • It has a lock system.


  • It takes a little time to assemble.

5. YardStash Outdoor Storage Box (Waterproof) – Heavy Duty, Portable, All Weather Tarpaulin Deck Box – Protects from Rain, Wind, Sun & Snow 

The yardstash is a great outdoor toy storage box because of its sturdy material. It is made of heavy grade vinyl tarpaulin. It will keep the toys dry during heavy rains and protects your items from rain, wind, sun and snow. It has adjustable straps. You can keep inside kid’s toys, cushions, garden tools and more.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is really durable.
  • Easy to open buckles.
  • It has multiple sizes.
  • It is built entirely waterproof.


  • No


Can I add a shelf in my outdoor toy storage box ?

Many outdoor toy storage boxes come with shelf support units so that you can add a shelf.

How do you store kids’ toys outside ?

Plastic outdoor toy bins are a great way to organize kid’s toys.

How do you store a lot of dolls ?

Use plastic boxes, bins or bags to store dolls, accessories or clothing.

How do you store little kids’ toys ?

Just like the zipper pouches, plastic containers with clear lids are perfect for tiny toys.

What is a good size for a toy box ?

It depends on your requirement but a good size for a kid’s toy box is 36.5 length x18 width x18 height. This length, width and height provide sufficient space to store your kids toys.

What is the purpose of a toy box ?

The toy box is an item that can store a range of toys that kids can choose on their own.

Is it a toy box for all ages ?

Yes, it is suitable for all age groups.


Outdoor toy storage box for kids is a good deal when you can protect your kid’s toys from fading from too much sun rays and prevent the toys from getting wet. Outdoor toy storage box will not only help in organizing the toys of kids but also several other household items like gardening tools etc. 

The kid’s toy box is a great way to teach organizational skills among the kids. So get organized with your kid’s toys in a storage box and enjoy your outdoor space with their kids. This is the perfect gift for your kids.

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