Balance Board For Kids

Balance board for kids helps to develop balance, coordination and it is the best toy for exercise activity.

Kids balance board is a curved wooden board that can be used for play or exercise activities and other kinds of personal development.

If you don’t have time to read the complete article , please check the balance board for your kids.

Balance board for kids is a great play for indoor as well as outdoor. A kid’s balance board has a curved shape and it can be a part of daily physical activities. This toy helps your kid’s balancing, coordination, gross motor skills, focus and concentration. It gives strength to your kid’ muscles. 

Your kids use this balance board in different ways: a bridge, a mini slide, a rocker board, a table, a boat, a tunnel, a seesaw and to lay on. It can be used for kids and adults also. Balance boards are easy to clean and place anywhere.

Kids can use their energy in a fun way. With the help of the balance board kids learn how to control their bodies.

Balance boards come in all shapes and sizes. Kids can purchase different colors and designs on the balance board. It comes with wood and plastic but wood is more durable than plastic. 

Kids can imagine with this board and make different toys. This toy can be used by all age groups. 

Safety precautions while using balance board for kids

There are some general safety tips when you introduce a balance board to your kids. They are as follows:-

  • Always use a balance board on a flat surface or carpet.
  • Always use without shoes and no slippery socks for easier grip and balance.
  • Always clear space around it.
  • Kids should always wear elbow, helmet and knee pads.
  • Always used under adult supervision.
  • Use in an open area, remove objects such as tables, chairs etc.
  • When using a balance board using the wall for support in the beginning.
  • Don’t use the balance board on a wet floor.
  • Make sure when your kids use the balance board no stone pieces around or below the balance board.

Selection criteria / Buying Guidelines for balance board for kids

Before purchasing the best balance board, there are some guidelines to keep in mind so that you can select the right and best balance board.

Weight & age

When you select the balance board for your kid, check according to age & weight of your kids. Small kids can choose a small size balance board.

Plain or painted

There are many different balance boards in the market, some are in plain wood and some are painted. It is the kid’s choice which one they will select the balance boards.

Sometimes some damage can happen inside the painted balance boards. So before purchasing check it properly then purchase the best balance boards for your kids.


Size is the most important thing when purchasing any toys for your kids. There are various sizes available in the market. You can choose that size which is perfect for your kid’s body.

A wider size board allows for your kids to use it in multiple ways and it is also useful for adults.


Balance boards can be made of many different materials but the most common are made from plastic and wood. Wooden balance boards may be more durable than plastic boards. 

And before buying the balance board keep in mind the material of the balance board, always choose non-toxic paint and eco-friendly material for your kids safety.  


There are three kinds of balance boards. First is roller boards, second is rocker boards and third is wobble boards. Roller boards which consist of a roller in the surface and rocker board which are fixed rocker and wobble board which look like large spinning tops. You can choose one of them for your kids.

Balance boards for kids price in india

Today there are various colors, brands, designs and sizes of balance boards in the market starting from approx 500 INR to thousands. You can select any one for your kids according to your budget and according to your kid’s age & weight.

Top 5: Best balance board for kids

If we talk about the 5 best balance boards for kids, it can be difficult because all types of balance boards are the best. Yet, there are 5 best balance boards for your kids.

1Wooden Balance Board Kids
2Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board
3FIRST PLAY Balance Boar
4Wooden Wobble Curvy Balance Board
5Dovin Wooden Wobble Balance Board for Kids

Wooden Balance Board Kids, 37″ Natural Wobble Board Wooden Toys for Toddlers Kids & Adults, Birthday Gifts for 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Year Old Boys Girls Kids

Wooden balance board for kids is a double sided play. One minute kids are balancing and the next it is a bridge for cars, rocker bed, slide, couch. This wooden balance board is made of 13 layers of high quality solid wood. It’s 37” large size for more fun among the kids.


  • This balance board is very sturdy and durable, 
  • This size is bigger than other balance boards.
  • Wooden balance board looks good and is very smooth.
  • Kids can use it to slide down, rock on, lay on, drive toy cars on.


  • Its surface is kind of slippery.
  • It is expensive.

Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board (3-8 Years) Indoor & Outdoor Activity Fitness Toy for Kids

This balance board comes with a butterfly shape and has a bright color. With the help of this balance board kids can improve balance, coordination and develop their leg strength.

This butterfly balance board can be used outdoors and indoors and it is perfect for any feet size. This balance board can engage kids for long hours for entertainment.


  • Its color is safe and eco friendly.
  • It has no batteries.
  • It takes up very little space.
  • Its multicolored color is very attractive for kids.
  • It is helpful in developing motoring skills.


  • Board slides on the tile floor.

FIRST PLAY Balance Board, Plastic Z Type Board Balance Training Machine Yoga Exercise Trainer, Children’s Toys

This classic balance board toy allows kids to enjoy more fun. The swing of the board is about 30 degrees, which is safe for the kids. This swing board pedal is designed according to the shape of the kid’s foot.

First play balance board is excellent for kids development both physical and mental. Kids can use it as a balance board or a see-saw rocker. This balance board improves kids’ balance, posture, stability and strength.  


  • This swing board is made of PE material.
  • Build quality is good.
  • This balance board has multiple colors.
  • It has multiple ways to play.
  • It is good for gross motor skills.


  • No

Tycoon Physio Solutions Exercise Therapy Occupational Therapy Wooden Wobble Curvy Balance Board Foot Rocker Leg Exerciser

This balance board supports the muscles and develops the sense of balance. Its size is 91 cm long, 30 cm wide, 2.2 cm thick, and 19 cm tall at the highest point. 

You can do a wide range of exercise on the wooden board. Kids can play in homes, courtyards, classrooms and other places and develop their creativity.


  • It is good for balancing and body awareness.
  • This balance board has a good length.
  •  It is very sturdy and useful for all ages.
  •  It is good for workout.


  • Its finishing is a little rough.

Dovin Wooden Wobble Balance Board for Kids (Gentle Curve and Handle)

This balance board is an open ended learning toy. It is beautiful with soft curves and smooth rounded edges. This wider curve provides more stability and safety for kids. 


  • This balance board has great handles for more fun.
  •  It is made from quality beech wood.
  •  It is very durable.
  •  This balance board is too wide.
  •  It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • It has a little smell.


Balance boards for kids can be a great fun and help your kid improve body function. Your kid will be entertained for long hours while playing on the balance boards.

Balance boards provide countless benefits that will help your kid’s more developed person on the inside and out.

Enjoy and try it, your kids just may like it too.


Are balance boards good for kids?

Yes, of course it is good for kids. Balance boards help to make posture, balance and strengthen your kid’s muscles.

What types of balance boards are best suited for kids?

Rocker boards are the best balance boards for kids. They are easy to use and have a simple design.

What age is a balance board for?

It depends on the kid’s activity of standing and balancing.

Are balance boards good for knees?

Yes, it improves flexibility and joint strength: ankles, knees, shoulders etc.

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