Beach Toy Bag | Sand Toy Bag

Beach toy bags for kids are unique adjustable bags for carrying sand toys on the beach that your kids will love so much.

Beach toy bags are lightweight bags which more conveniently carry all your kid’s toys to the beach. 

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If you don’t have time to read the complete article, select this beach toy bag.

Beach trip is the best trip for any kid. Playing on the beach with friends and families is one of the best playgrounds for every kid. In summer time as parents of your kids, getting to the beach with kids can be hectic because kids insist on taking toys with them. 

So these beach toy bags are the perfect bag to carry kid’s toys and parents feel so comfortable. 

You can store inside it home toys, school accessories, swim accessories, beach toys and collect shells also. It is also known as shell storage and sand storage bags.

These bags are easy to store and fit easily into your car or on a boat. It is the perfect solution for parents to carry kids’ toys. Beach toy bags come in multiple colors with cute cartoon patterns and can dry quickly. If it is a large space, you can store kid’s toys as well as water bottles, swimsuits, towels, goggles and collect some shells on the beach for fun.

Beach toy bags are very easy to clean. Put it in the washing machine and you will get an almost new bag again. It comes with pockets, zippers and straps and an extra little pouch for keeping your kid’s wet clothes. 

These bags are lightweight and your kids can carry them if necessary. These beach toy bags are also known as totes bags.

Safety precautions while using beach toy bag for kids

There are some safety tips given below using beach toy bags for kids which are the following.

  • Parents always pay attention, kids don’t let the bag’s strap get caught in their feet, and neck.
  • When kids carry beach toy bags on their shoulders, make sure they don’t become overweight.
  • Keep attention, there are no harsh edges on the bag’s zippers when kids use it.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines beach toy bag for kids

Before buying the best beach toy bag for their kids, there are some guidelines to keep in mind so that you can find the best beach toy bags for their kids.


Cheap, poorly made beach bags and totes can be pretty and found everywhere but that is not durable any more time. Materials and construction are of lower quality and easily torn. 

So parents always choose good quality and durable beach bags with strong straps for their kids so that it will last many vacations to come.


Nowadays most kids want everything to look stylish, and beautiful weather that is clothes, toys, and bags. So before purchasing the beach toy bag, keep in mind the style of the beach toy bag which is comfortable according to kids and looks amazing.

You can focus on bright colors and bold prints which will be very attractive for your kids. 


Most of the beach toy bags are made of nylon, net, polyester, and straw. Choosing a good material that is moisture wicking, water resistant. When you select a beach toy bag, make sure which is the perfect combination of materials for your kids.


When you invest in a beach toy bag, always choose that bag which is foldable and easy to store when not in use. If you carry your kid’s essentials with toys so always select these bags which come with extra zippered pockets and kids keep extra items safe.

Many different colors and a variety of designs can be more fun for kids on the beach.


If you want to choose a good beach toy bag for your kids then you  can select a net beach toy bag. Many times all the sand and water inside the bag and it can not stay clean.

Net material can be an excellent choice for filtering out water and sand so your car and home can stay clean. They are easy to clean and convenient to use.


When purchasing a beach toy bag for your kids, keep in mind the size of the bag. According to your kid’s age, buy a perfect size so that if your kids carry their bag with toys on the beach, they can lift it easily.

Pockets and compartments

The main thing before purchasing a beach toy bag for your kids, check the pockets and partitions. Without pockets and compartments bags are quickly torn. A well-organized beach toy bag requires a lot of pockets and storage sections.


Keep in mind before purchasing a beach toy bag for your kids check the straps in a good way. Straps should not have any harsh edges. Choose smooth and soft straps for your kids comfortness. 

Beach toy bag for kids price

Beach toy bags are available in multiple colors, designs in the market starting from approx. $5. You can choose one of them according to your budget and kids comfortness. Different materials have different prices. It depends on you which one you want to go to.

Top 4 : Best beach toy bags for kids

Here you can find the 4 best beach toy bags which will be so attractive for your kids.

1SupMLC Mesh Beach Bag Extra Large Beach Bags
2EocuSun Large Mesh Beach Bag
3Beach Toy Mesh Beach Bag Kids
4Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag - Lightweight Tote Bag For Toys

SupMLC Mesh Beach Bag Extra Large Beach Bags and Totes

These mesh beach bags can hold everything such as kid’s toys, towels, clothes and essential goods for outing activities and traveling. This bag is lightweight so you can conveniently fold it up to store that takes little space.

Mesh beach bag is perfect for going to the beach. Mesh beach bag can help drain out sand and water much easier. Kids can collect the shell and beach toys for fun at the beach into the mesh beach bag.


  • This beach toy bag is made of great mesh fabric.
  • This mesh beach bag can be cleaned easily and folds away nicely.
  • Easy to carry with toys at the beach.
  • It is sturdy and durable.


  • The sides are a little shorter.

EocuSun Large Mesh Beach Bag Tote Durable stay away from sand and water

This beach bag keeps sand and water away. It fully protects your items. It is suitable for both adults and kids. You can use this handy bag for carrying other items such as clothes. It is a great gift for every kid. Eocusun beach bags are easy to pack with toys for kids ready to go.


  • It is made from nylon fabric.
  • Machine washable and quick-drying.
  • It has adjustable straps.
  • It is easy to hang on a hook.
  • Easy to hold and easy to open for kids.


  • Straps are weak.

Tagitary Beach Toy Mesh Beach Bag Kids Shell Collecting Beach bag

Tagitary mesh bags come with high quality and bright colors. Its  bottom is designed to expand to allow for collecting more toys and provide extra space for kids. Beach toy bags are made of both  waterproof cloth and mesh cloth if sand and water enter, they will fall out easily. 

According to your kid’s height, adjust the length of the mesh shoulder strap. It takes little space and easily hangs on the wall at home. These bags are most popular with kids who enjoy collecting shells on the beach.


  • Its straps are adjustable.
  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • It is foldable into small sizes.
  • Its bottom is expanded.
  • These beach bags have multiple colors.


  • Its zipper is not smooth.

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag Lightweight Tote Bag For Toys & Vacation Essentials

Dejaroo mesh beach bag comes with 8 pockets for storing toys as well as drinks, foods, sunscreen and towels. 

This is an excellent bag for store toys at the beach along with comfortable straps for the kids. Kids can carry all essential things in one convenient bag.  


  • It is made of nylon material.
  • It comes with multiple color combinations.
  • This mesh beach bag is waterproof.
  • It has a large enough space.
  • It is reusable and fashionable.


  • It has no zipper.


Which kind of material are beach toy bags made of ?

These bags are usually made of nylon, polyester, plastic and mesh are common materials used to make beach bags.

Are beach toy bags expensive ?

Beach toy bags are available at a wide range of prices. So you can purchase expensive or affordable ones, depending on your budget.

What should I look for in a beach bag for kids ?

You should always look in bags, many compartments and pockets to store toys as well as other essential things and make sure you look durable and waterproof with sand and water.

Are mesh bags good for the beach ?

Mesh bags are more breathable to use with your beach essentials and they might be more preferable when you use them to store kid’s wet clothes on the beach.


Beach toy bags are the best choice for fun on the beach for kids with their families and friends. There are a wide range of the best beach bags for sand toys. But through this article you can’t say that you missed your favorite beach toy bag. 

If you still confused go with below beach toy bag

From the above discussion, you can find one best option with comfortable design, durability, large storage capacity and waterproof design for your kids.

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