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Bubble gun for kids is fascinating & attractive to every kid. It is a perfect toy for birthday parties, weddings, gardens, parks or a friend’s house and other places. It is a good source of fun and entertainment for summer days.

It is very simple to use. When a kid presses the trigger of the gun some colorful bubbles fly in the sky and some bubbles liquid bottles have to be added in some guns and other guns have to be dipped in the bubble then some colorful bubbles come into the gun.

When bubbles are blowing from the gun colorful flashing lights and sound makes the kids so happy.

These bubble gun toys are available in various sizes, multiple colors, different funny shapes and have many different features like light and music sound.

A best thing is that bubble gun is a unisex toy. With the help of this entertaining toy kids can play for a long time and have lots of fun with their friends. This is a fantastic  birthday gift for every kid.

Safety precautions while using this bubble gun toy

These are some safety precautions while using this bubble gun for kids. These are as below

  • Bubble bottle’s liquid solution should be ready from eco-friendly soap and should be chemical free.
  • Keep your kid’s under parents observation so that they can not sucking a bubble like a lollipop.
  • Keep your eyes on kids when they are running on floating bubbles because many times they can fall.
  • At the time of playing with this bubble gun toy, keep your distance and wear kid’s sunglasses so that kids eyes could not be injured. 
  • Always avoid chemical refill solutions for kid’s bubble gun toys.
  • Bubble gun toys are not suitable for under the age of three years.
  • Always keep in mind the production date, bubble liquid solution should not be expired.
  • When your kids are playing, always remind your kids not to eat and not to drink the bubbles.
  • Always wash your kid’s hands, after playing the bubble gun toys.
  • Before playing parents should check your kids’ bubble gun if you find any sharp edges on the trigger and anywhere then change it immediately because sharp edges can injure your kid’s  finger.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines for using bubble gun toy for kids

Are you looking for a good bubble gun toy for your kids?

Here, we are suggesting the best bubble gun toy for your kids along with perfect buying guidelines.


As per your kids age, parents should select a good bubble gun toy for your kids. Some bubble guns are simple, small and easy to operate. 

But another bubble gun is a little heavy and has a big size that kids would not be able to operate it easily. So before purchasing a good bubble gun toy always keep in mind the age of your kids.

Color and design

The bubble gun toy comes with various colors, sizes and very funny designs like dinosaur shape, helicopter shape and shark shape which attracts kids so much.

Some bubble gun toys have a music effect and colorful bubbles when blowing the bubbles from the guns, its music sound makes kids so entertaining for hours. 

Different sizes of bubble gun toys have different holes in the gun. A small size bubble gun has less hole and a big size gun has 60 to 600 bubbles per minute. 


It depends on your choice, both low cost and high cost material is available in the market. It should be made of high quality and long lasting plastic material.

Bubble liquid solution

Bubble liquid solution is needed to make colorful or non colorful bubbles in the kids gun. Some bubble gun kits contain two, three, four bottles of bubble solution. Bubble gun liquid solution should be non-toxic and safe for your kids face and skin. 

Remember one thing, bubble solution should not be an irritating smell, it should be a good fragrance for your kids.

Cleaning the bubble gun toy

After playing with the bubble gun toy for a long time, you should clean it properly.  Before purchasing it,  check if it is easy to clean or not. Bubble gun toys wash directly with water and dry it.

Music effect

Many bubble guns come with music sound when blowing the bubbles, music sound can be listened to which makes a fun among the kids.

Colorful bubbles

Bubble gun toys have many colorful bubble solutions. Most of the little one like colorful bubbles and most of them like non-colorful bubbles. It depends on your kids choice which bubble gun your kids like most. 


Some bubble gun toys have two or three batteries included along with the pack but most of the bubble guns do not include batteries. We have to purchase from the market.

Bubble gun toy for kids price in india

There are many online and offline options for bubble gun toys for kids starting from approx. 200 INR to thousands. You should go with a good bubble gun toy but not a low priced bubble gun. You can purchase it as per your budget.

Top 5 : Best bubble gun for kids

1  VikriDa COMBO set of 500 ml bubble solution with 8-Hole Electric Bubbles Gun for Toddlers Toys, 

Vikrida bubble gun toy for kids comes with eight holes with LED effects. It comes with many different colors and it is a great idea to give your kid’s birthday gift.

There is no waiting time at the time of playing, kids can create many bubbles as per minute and it is a good outdoor activity for kids.

Key specification

  • It is made of good quality plastic
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to operate for kids
  • Cool LED effects
  • Recommended age 3 years and up

2 Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Gun for Kids. Colorful Dinosaur Bubble Blower Toy with LED Lights and Music Chimes. 

Toysery dinosaur bubble gun for kids has a very attractive dinosaur shape and is simple to use for every kid. It has automatic functions with flashing colorful light, sound and can shoot more colored bubbles as per minute.

Key specification

  • LED light and sound of the gun keeps kids busy 
  • This is perfect for kids and young.
  • It is more durable and long lasting.
  • There is no leakage problem.
  • It has a very funny shape and automatic functions which bring happy memories in the summer days.

3 Jugutoz Dolphin Gatling Bubble Toy Gun, 10-Holes Electric Bubble Maker with 1 Bubble Solution

Jugutoz dolphin gatling bubble gun toy shape is like a fish which looks so pretty between the kids. It has one bottle bubble liquid solution and there is no leakage problem. Its ten bubble output holes hundreds of bubbles per minute.

Key specification

  • Grip handle is easy to hold.
  • Its shape has no sharp edges.
  • It is made of ABS material.
  • Its handle design is easy to fit in a child’s palm.
  • It is not easy to fall
  • It can be carried anywhere.

4  LUCID Bubble Guns with Light & Music Bubble Maker for Kids 

Lucid bubble guns have sound and light which attracts the kids. This bubble gun has two solutions well finished with attractive colors. 

It is a valuable birthday gift for every kid. When small colorful bubbles fly up into the sky, you and your kids feel more happy.

Key specification

  • Easy to clean this bubble gun toy.
  • This bubble gun toy has a very light wait and can be carried anywhere.
  • This bubble gun is able to make hundreds of bubbles as per seconds.
  • This bubble gun keeps the kids active and entertained.

5  Urban Festivities Bubble Gun Toy 2 Refill Bottles | Bubble Making Gun with LED Lights and Music| Battery Operated | Toy Gun for Kids Party Automatic with Lighting Effects (Assorted Color)  

Urban festivities bubble gun toy has 3 batteries with fully automatic lighting effects. This pack contains two bubble solutions and is available with assorted colors. Battery required in this bubble gun toy but not included in the packet. 

Key specification

  • Urban festivities bubble gun toys have many multicolors.
  • It is made of ABB high quality plastic material.
  • After playing this gun, it can be easily washed.
  • It is a good outdoor activity for summer days.


Q.1 What is the price of a bubble gun?

Ans:- It depends on the budget, different sizes and designs have different prices.

Q.2 How do you use a bubble gun?

Ans:- It is very easy to use, just pour the bubble liquid on the spare board and then press the trigger and enjoy the bubble gun toy.

Q.3 Can bubble machines be used indoors?

Ans:- Two Power Supply Modes for Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Q.4  Are children’s bubbles toxic?

Ans:- It depends on the solution, using the inside of bubble guns.


If you want your kids to enjoy a good summer vacation between the kids, Above we have mentioned 5 best bubble gun toys for your little one. 

While playing with soap bubbles almost all problems disappear and  colorful bubbles bring happiness on every kid’s face. Kids can enjoy this bubble gun toy in a park, birthday parties, weddings, friend’s house and other outdoor places. It is a very exciting hobby for every kid.

Enjoy your summer vacation with this bubble gun toy!

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