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Baby safety products are a must for your lovely kids.

Why are we writing this article ?

One of my friend’s babies pulled the tv trolley and dropped the tv on himself. Baby had to be admitted to the hospital because he got an injury to his head. He was treated for a long time in the hospital. His parents faced many difficulties during the treatment. But now that child is ok. This incident could happen to anyone.

Keep your child safe with these safety products!

Nowadays every parent worries about their baby’s safety. Most of the accidents happen in your home due to sharp objects, doors, table corners, tile corners, fridges, drawers, electric plug & socket, stove, slip trip etc. 

Sometimes babies become injured when parents engage with their mobiles, and other household chores. It is so difficult to keep your eyes on  your babies all the time. 

Working mothers are not able to focus on their baby’s activity.

Baby’s safety products are necessary in every home. Different homes have different baby proofing products.

So many objects can be so dangerous if they are not baby proofed.

There are some essential safety products which can help parents make their home baby-proofed.

Baby proofing for bathroom

There are some baby proofing products for your bathrooms. In this section we have provided some safety products which will protect your baby from injuries. 

Non-slip tub mat

Never leave your baby alone in a bathtub, Babies slip in the bathtub because of soap scum/bubbles. A non-slip tub mat can be put on the bottom of the tub or floor to help prevent slipping.

Toilet lock

With an open toilet, babies can fall while playing in the toilet. It is very important to keep your toilet securely locked, so that your babies will be safe with toilet-lid lock.

Cabinet lock

If your baby is playing in the bathroom, the baby’s little finger will try to open the cabinet and shelves containing cleaning chemicals (shampoos, face wash, oil and harmful disinfector liquids etc.) It is necessary to have cabinet locks for your baby’s safety.

Spout cover / safety tap cover

Safety tap cover is an excellent protector against bumped heads on the tap. It is soft and easy to adjust in your tap. Your baby’s head is safe to bump while using this spout cover.

Baby safety products for kitchen

The kitchen is another danger zone for your kids but with the help of some baby proofing products can protect your kids in the kitchen.

Stove guards / stove knob covers

Many times kids come to play in the kitchen and switch on the stove so they can come into the danger zone and burn and injure themselves. Safety stove guards protect your baby from any accident. There is no need to drill and it is easy to install.

Drawers stops

Many sharp objects which are used in the kitchen keep into drawers which can hurt your babies so drawers stop is a highly safe product for your kids. All sharp objects should be locked and out of your child’s reach.

Outlet covers, cord shortener & electric socket cover

To protect your kids from electric sockets you have to use a electric socket cover so that your kids do not enter the electric socket.

Contact with electricity is always dangerous for any baby. Kids are very fond of getting their hands on electrical outlets when they crawl here and there. 

So electrical outlets and cords are the best baby proofing to prevent your baby from accessing outlets. There are many different types of outlets available in the market.

Appliance locks

The other best baby proofing product is appliance locks which protect your baby from any danger zone.

When you are not using them then all appliances should be locked including fridge, oven, cupboard drawer. Most of the time babies open the fridge, oven, and drawer which is so dangerous for them. 

Baby proofing for living room/bedroom

This is the place where the kids spend most of their time. This is the most common area of the house where kids play all the time. There are some baby proofing products which make this area more safe for your babies

Baby safe house finger pinch door guard 

This finger pinch door guard protects your baby’s finger when they play and open or close a door again and again. Finger door guards come in all door sizes, and have multiple colors, cartoon designs that give a lot of fun also for babies. 

It can prevent a big injury while playing in the room. The best part of the Finger protector guard is that it is very soft, removable and easy to install.

Balcony safety net

Most of the babies are very curious by nature. They try to climb on the balcony again and again. This is specially for families who stay in high buildings. So we are providing the best safety balcony net for kids. 

It is a baby safety product as well as preventing monkeys, birds, and squirrels. There is no visibility problem. It makes parents tension free.

Baby proofing edge and corner guards

There are many sharp corners around the home. Most of the time when kids are playing around the table, sharp edges can prick your baby’s skin, eyes and cause bleeding.

Keeping the safety of kids in mind, it is a great baby proofing corner guard to help your kids prevent themselves from hurting and internal injury. It is safe and does not damage your furniture.

Anti tip furniture and TV straps

Many times it is seen as a small baby when they crawl in home they pull furniture, book shelves, tv trolleys. These items can fall on your baby and get injured.

Thousands of kids are injured every year due to unsecure televisions and furniture falling on them. It completely protects your kids from injury caused through falling heavy materials. It is made of triple stitched nylon strap and easy to install.

Windows guard

Most of the people think their home is safe for their babies, they think of covering hard corners and moving dangerous liquid out of reach. But do you know the window is also a dangerous part for your baby.

Most of the accidents happen in the spring and summer season when windows are open. Window guard is an easy way to solve the baby proofing problem.

Bed rail guard

When your baby is grown up and has started crawling, the bed is not a safe zone. This is a very common issue with parents, it is impossible to keep an eye on the babies whole night. 

Bed rail guard  works as a barrier. There are 3 packs of bed rail guard, one pack of bed rail guard covers one side of bed, two packs of bed rail guard covers two sides of bed and three packs of bed rail guard covers three sides of bed. It is your choice which one pack is suitable for your babies.

Bed rail guard is suitable for any type of bed and mattress also and easy to install, remove and has washable covers. It is a smartly designed baby proofing product and can be folded easily and bought in various colors. Both the babies and parents can achieve a safe and sound sleep.

Door handle protective cover for baby’s room

Door handle protective cover protects your kid’s heads from injury and protects the wall from the door. It has a flexible, non-slip design and comfortable touch. It reduces the noise.

It can be used in many places such as homes, schools, offices, hospitals and other places. Door handle protective cover makes your kid’s life more safe and easy.

Hinge guard

It protects your child finger pinched in the hinges of the door & door frame. In length 3-4 feet available in the market. Essay to install on the door, remove the tape & apply it.

Baby monitors / Security camera

Baby monitors provide a lot of comfort for parents. You can monitor your babies from another room, kitchen, and anywhere far from the house.

All the activities of babies are transferred to the parents through the help of sensors on their smartphones or display devices. Security camera monitors your baby’s activity and gives an instant alert to the parents. There are three basic types of baby monitors:-

  • Audio baby monitors
  • Video baby monitors
  • Sensor baby monitors

Baby safety products for staircase

When babies grow up, they start climbing the stairs and they suffer big injuries. A safety gate is a protective barrier designed to prevent babies from checking areas of a home where they may be unsafe.

A baby safety gate has no tool, no drilling required at the time of installation. Baby safety gate has a double locking system. It is easy to open for parents, difficult for little ones.   

 Safety gates are also a good protector for your kids from falling down the stairs. This is a reliable way to keep your baby away from the stairs.  Baby safety gates help you in giving your child the freedom to play inside the home. 

Baby proofing for car safety / road safety

Baby safety seat for car

If you own a car you need to get a baby safety seat for your car. Car crashes are one of the biggest causes of death and injuries. Car safety seats help your baby’s keep safe.

Different car seats are available in the market according to your car size and kid’s weight, size and age.

Baby on board sticker

Another simple precaution is pasting a sticker on your car so that we can inform other drivers and be careful around your car. Baby board stickers come in multiple colors and fun designs. 

It is a good safety sign and long lasting, easy to paste, no damage or mark on removing. Everyone can see it while driving. 

Baby safety helmet

This helmet protects your baby’s head when they are playing, walking and crawling in the home. It is made of light wait and very comfortable according to your baby’s head. 

It has many different colors and has proper air ventilation to avoid sweat in your baby’s head. This is a fantastic helmet for small baby’s.

Baby safety belt for bike

A motorcycle ride is enjoyable and full of fun for most of the kids. But sometimes It can be seen that most of the kids sleep and lose their grip at the time of the ride, it can be hazardous for kids.

A lot of smart designs and multiple color seat belts are available online and offline so that your kids keep safe and enjoy the ride. Baby safety belt has adjustable shoulder straps, comfortness and can be stored in the small compartment of your bike.

Baby protector adjustable head shoulder safety pad

Baby head protector helps when your baby starts standing and walking in the home. It protects your little one’s head and back side  when they fall on the floor. 

According to your baby’s size it can be adjustable, it has a unique design, colors, light wait and your babies feel so comfortable and love to wear it.

FAQ Baby safety product

Q.1  What can I use for baby proofing?

Ans :- You can use table corner guard, side guard, stove guard, drawer lock, safety helmet, etc.

Q.2  At what age can you stop baby proofing?

Ans :- Depends upon your child activity and understanding.

Q.3  How much does it cost to baby proof a house?

Ans :- It depends on the budget , if you add more products you have to pay more money for that.

Q.4  Why is it important to childproof your home?

Ans:- Childproofing gives your baby a safe area to play and helps to prevent injuries.

Q.5  How can I prevent my baby from crawling hazardously?

Ans:- Cover furniture corner with safety guards, Keep electrical outlet covers, lock all cabinets and doors etc.


If you want your baby to be safe, above are the best baby proofing products which makes your baby more safe and protects against any type of injuries. A safe baby is always a happy and healthy baby.

 It can be very painful for every parent when their babies fall at the time of walking and crawling so this baby proofing product makes every parent free from stress and babies also safe. 

Best of luck with your baby’s safety products! 

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