Dancing cactus toy india | Talking cactus toy india

Dancing cactus toy or talking cactus toy is one of the favorite & trending  toys for kids nowadays. 

It repeats what you say.

It can sing & dance.

Voice recording & replay with dancing.

Your kids like & love dancing cactus.

It is attractive for your kids because it has eyes, mouth, sound & dancing movement.

It is an interactive toy & your kids enjoy it, similar toys like talking cat but the main difference has light & dancing movement.

How to operate dancing cactus toy

First of charge it then switch on it from the bottom switch.

Some dancing cactus toy available with 3 AA non rechargeable battery or rechargeable battery for operation.On/Off switch at bottom for start & stop.

If you press the sound button than the already recorded song starts playing & dancing starts with LED glowing inside it. After pressing the same button again, music stops & starts with voice recording mode.

One USB cable for charging a dancing cactus toy. In charging cable one side USB port & other side pin type socket for cactus toy charging.

Made of soft and comfortable plush fabric.

Note :- Read warning instructions & safety precautions before handover to your kids.

Pro of dancing & talking cactus toy

  • Talking cactus
  • Dance & sing as well
  • Helping kids with talking skills.
  • Your kids enjoy this toy.

You can also enjoy being in the office for a lighter mood.

We found a special video of 100 cactus toys working at the same time. You can enjoy this video.

Inside dancing & talking cactus toy.

If you want to know what is inside the dancing cactus or how it is working, you may check the video below. In short you may find the following parts inside it.

  • Speaker (1)
  • Microphone (1)
  • Push Button (2)
  • Led lights
  • Battery
  • On/Off switch.
  • Plastic conduit pipe.
  • Motor connected to a movable road with the help of pulley.
  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Cotton.
  • etc.


Dancing & talking cactus toys are one of the best toys for entertainment for your kids.

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