Doctor Set For Kids

Doctor set for kids is one of the most popular games among kids. It is an excellent toy for your kids to learn about medical items.

Whenever we think about playing games, the doctor doctor game is always one of the most popular games among kids. Playing this game  Kids become very happy, and make fun between kids. 

By this game kids learn the importance of health care, and understand the role of a doctor in our life.

Whenever Kids go to a mall with their parents seeing a doctor set they  get fascinated quickly because it is an attractive toy among the kids. Today kids have a creative mind and want to know about every small thing. 

It is the best toy which can increase kids general knowledge, social skills and develop their mind.

The most important thing for kids who are afraid of going to the doctor, a doctor set toy may help alleviate the fear. Kids doctor set comes with many designs like foldable suitcase, truck design, trolley doctor set, briefcase shape, doctor kit with light and sound effects, doctor cart kit. 

There are sets that have with and without light effects. The sets are coming in different sizes, colors, and some of them contain a lot of equipment.

These doctor sets have many medical equipment eg:- toy syringes, thermometers, stethoscopes and many more. It’s suitable for indoor games.

Safety precautions while using doctor sets

There are some safety precautions while using this toy for kids.

  • Don’t use old plastic doctor sets.
  • Doctor sets should be made from non-toxic plastic.
  •  Don’t use damaged doctor sets equipment.
  •  Not suitable for kids under 36 months, its small parts can get  choking hazards.
  •  Don’t throw your tools here and there as someone can slip over them and fall.
  •  Only choose well made quality doctor sets.
  •  Supervise your small kids while playing.
  •  After playing from the doctor sets, keep it properly in the toy storage box . 
  •  Don’t use this toy tray for eating.
  •  You should check your kids doctor kit every week if you find any sharp and damaged equipment then change it immediately.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines for doctor set for kids


Some doctor sets are simple,small and easy to handle parts. Others have a lot of medical equipment  that a kid would not be able to open. So before buying a good  doctor set keep in mind the age of your little ones.

Color and Design

The doctor set for kids comes with a foldable suitcase,truck design,trolley doctor set and several different pieces.The doctor sets are coming in different sizes, colors and some of them contain a lot of equipment. Parents prefer blue sets for boys and pink or red sets for girls.

A Barbie baby doll doctor kit is also available which is so attractive for girls.

Several Medical Equipment Inside Kit

Some doctor sets have selected medical equipment and some have a lot of equipment inside the doctor kit. Some medical equipment available with a light & battery. 

These are several medical equipment available inside the kit.

  • Stethoscope – It is used in listening to sounds produced within the body, chiefly in the heart or lungs.
  • Thermometer – A thermometer is used for measuring temperature.
  • Microscope – A microscope is an equipment that can be used to observe small objects, even cells. 
  • Tweezers – It is minor equipment inside a doctor kit which helps grasping objects.
  • Otoscope – An otoscope is a tool which examines the ear that can reveal the cause of symptoms such as an earache, the ear feeling full, or hearing loss.
  • Reflex Hammer – It is also a medical equipment used to test reflexes of the deep tendons to check for abnormalities of the nervous system.
  • Syringe – Everyone knows syringe is used to inject medicine into the 
  • body.
  • Scissor – It is used in surgery etc.
  • Tongue Depressor – It is used to depress the tongue  to allow unobstructed views of the throat and mouth during clinical examinations.
  • Teeth hook – It is used for dental treatment.
  • Medical Tool Hanger – Whether it is called a surgical hook, the small surgical tools can be hung on.
  • Oral mirror – It is used to examine teeth.
  • Tray – Tray is used to keep surgical tools.

Doctor set for kids price in india

Doctor sets for kids start from approx. 150 INR to thousands. As per your choice which one will choose your kids  but  do not go for a cheap doctor set. You can find different sets in the market, at affordable prices. You can purchase it as per your budget.

Best doctor sets for kids

There are 5 best doctor set for kids which are given below

Sr. No.DetailImage
1WISHKEY Plastic Portable Doctor Set
2Magicwand Pretend Play Carry Along Doctor Play Set for Kids
3Toyshine Deluxe Portable Plastic Doctor Role Play Toy Set
4QEXLE Doctor Play Set with Foldable Suitcase
5Toyshine 20 Pcs Doctor Play Set

1. WISHKEY Plastic Portable Doctor Set Medical Clinic Trolley Suitcase On Wheels with Light & Sound and Nursing Tools for Kids, Educational Toys (Pack of 11, Multicolor)

Wishkey plastic portable doctor sets are the best gift to give your kids.This doctor set is so lookable whether you can make a trolley or in a suitcase. This is the original doctor set that comes with electronic equipment. Its Stethoscope is so attractive and makes a heartbeat sound when pressed on the body. This is the best doctor set for kids to learn different medical equipment uses.

Key specification:-

  • Made from non-toxic plastic.
  • Some tools with light batteries.
  • This medical equipment reduces your kids fear of going to the doctor.
  •  It has two ways to carry anywhere: portable carry and hand rolling with 2 attractive wheels.
  • It has no sharp points or corners which are safe for kids during play. 
  • It is too light to lift by kids.

2. Magicwand  Pretend Play Carry Along Doctor Play Set for Kids (14 Pcs & 7 Stickers)

The Magicwand doctor set is made of ABS plastic and its quality is so durable and looks like a suitcase shape.Your kids can play with this doctor set with their friends and family.

Key specification:-

  • With the help of this toy your kids learn more about the human body and its parts.
  • Easy to clean and eco-friendly plastic.
  • The best thing about this doctor set is that it has a portable design which can be put anywhere and the equipment will not be scattered around.
  • Doctor doctor is the very popular and best indoor game among the kids.
  • It has four cute pulleys.

3. Toyshine Deluxe Portable Plastic Doctor Role Play Toy Set with Convertible Suitcase Accessories (Blue)

The Toyshine deluxe portable doctor set is suitable for playing outdoors and indoors. This doctor set has enough equipment for more than one to play, which increases the fun of playing between the kids. This doctor set comes with a trolley suitcase with wheels and opens with a complete table with shelves and hooks for hanging medical equipment.

Key specification:-

  • Build quality is good.
  • Perfect size for small hands.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • It is a excellent gift for age 3 above
  • This doctor set makes your kids so creative.

4. QEXLE Doctor Play Set with Foldable Suitcase, Doctor Set Toy Game Kit, Compact Medical Accessories Toy Set Pretend Play Sets,Doctor Kit Toy for Kids. (Kids Doctor Tools Set)

All medical equipment is put in one case and making it easy to carry here and there. This is also foldable and comes in bright colors.

Key specification:-

  • Medical equipment size is perfect for little hands.
  • It is made from non-toxic safety plastics.
  • Develop a curious habit.
  • It has multiple colors.
  • It is durable and long lasting.

5. Toyshine 20 Pcs Doctor Play Set, Medical Set, Pretend Play Toy – Blue

The Toyshine doctor set comes with 20 pieces of medical tools. It has 2 beautiful colors: pink and blue. Pink for girls and blue for boys. This medical kit includes a plastic carry case with heart beat machine, tongue depressor, sanitizer, mask and other accessories.

Key specification:-

  • Intellectual development.
  • A number of groups  can play with this toy.
  • It will develop an interest in the medical field for kids.
  • Easy to store with small size.
  • It’s a lookable doctor kit with good quality.
  • Washable equipment.


Q.1 Are kids doctor kits expensive?

Ans:- No more expensive. It has affordable prices.

Q.2 Is this toy suitable for both boys & girls?

Ans:- Yes, suitable for both.

Q.3 Does it keep different colors and designs?

Ans:- Yes, it has many multiple colors and different designs.

Q.4 Is it safe for kids?

Ans:- Yes, but keep your eyes on your children while playing & follow safety instructions & age group as per manufacturer.


At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of top 5 best doctor sets for kids, so it should  be easy for you to decide   which doctor set will be the best for your kids. 

All doctor sets have different valuable benefits for your kids. It learns more and more knowledge about the human body and its parts and develops a problem solving ability for your kids.

The different designs and colors make this game so funny and bring  an interest between the kids.

Enjoy this game with their friends!

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