Makeup set for kids | Makeup box for kids

Makeup set for kids are the most attractive toys among baby girls. Nowadays small kids (girls) are fond of makeup, seeing their mother’s makeup, she imitates makeup like her mother so we have bought for your little one a very attractive and cute makeup box.

With the help of this makeup box she will know how this beauty product is used. This is the best makeup set to pretend to play birthday parties, functions and make fun activities between kids. 

This make up sets increases the knowledge about beauty products among the girls.

Beauty makeup toys are a common game of childhood development between the kids. This makeup box contains many different beauty products to play with like eyeshadow, blush, lipglows, lipstick ,nail polish, mirror, lip pencils, eye liner, hair dryer, face primer etc. 

Safety precautions while using these makeup sets.

We have mentioned some safety tips for your kids

  • After playing with makeup sets, keep it in a proper way.
  •  Small kids don’t use them; it can be dangerous ( Select kit as per your children’s age group). 
  • If the makeup box beauty product is damaged, don’t use it. 
  • On a particular frequency all makeup tools should be washed  with water.
  • If any sharp object is found in the makeup kit, immediately change that product.

Selection criteria or buying guidelines for makeup sets for kids.

After reading this guideline you are capable enough to find out one of the best makeup sets for kids.


As per your kids age, parents should select a good make up box. Some of makeup contains a lot of beauty products, some has selected products. It depends on your kid’s age, which makeup box is suitable for them. One thing is always keep in mind, choose small makeup sets for small hands, otherwise your kids will not be comfortable with it.

Color and design

There are many cute colors and designs available for baby girls. The pink makeup box is the most attractive color  between the baby girls. Some makeup sets come in 2 in one vanity table, portable trolley, suitcase designs.

Several beauty products

Nowadays, baby girls want to know how the beauty product is used and which product does what the purpose, so there are some beauty products which not only toys but also increase the knowledge of cosmetics for girls. Different makeup sets have different beauty products for your kids.

These are as below –

Hair dryer – It is an electrical device used to dry hair.

Lipstick – Lipstick is a cosmetic that applies color and protection to the lips.

Nail polish – Nail Polish can be applied to decorate the nails.

Eyeshadow – Eye shadow comes in many different colors. It is used to shade above the eyes. 

Kajal – Kajal gives a glamorous look to your eyes.

Blush – Blush is used to add color to your cheeks.

Makeup brushes – There are so many brushes for makeup but in short it can be said that brushes are used for face makeup.

Mirror – It allows you to better see  your eyes and lips when applying makeup.

Perfume – Perfume is used to give a fragrance into a person’s body.

Bracelet – Bracelet is a decoration item which is worn around the wrist.

Earrings – An earring is a piece of jewelry which makes your ear so attractive.

Bangles – Bangles are available in multiple colors and designs, it brings beauty and a good look on kids’ wrist.

Ring – Ring is worn on the finger which gives a different look to the kid’s finger. Various ring designs and colors are available in the makeup boxes.

Makeup set for kids price in India

There are various makeup sets for kids available in the market starting from approx. 200 INR to thousands. You should go with a good makeup box but not a cheap makeup set. You can purchase it according to your budget.

Best makeup box for kids

There are 5 best make up box for kids, here you can find under given below:-

Sr. No.DetailImage
1Vikas beauty make up case and cosmetic set
2Webby Beauty Set
3Galaxy Hi-Tech Dressing Table Beauty Make Up Kit
4TECHNO BUZZ Children Beauty Makeup Kit
5Toyshine Carry Along Beauty Set

1 Vikas gift gallery beauty make up case and cosmetic set suitcase with makeup accessories for children girls- Pink, Plastic, Pack of 1 set

This makeup kit for kids includes various fashion products for playing with it. Your little kid can enjoy putting on makeup and dressing up with your friends. This makeup box has a portable design like a suitcase with four pulleys.

Key specification:-

  • This beauty set toy is made for ABS plastic material.
  • This pink color is very cute for girls.
  • It will be converted into a briefcase and a trolly car with wheels.
  • Easy to store and easy to use.
  • There are some stickers inside the makeup kit.

2 Webby Beauty Set for Girls, Pink

This makeup set consists of a hair dryer, comb, mirror, lipstick, eyeshadow and other makeup accessories. This toy is a fun item for the girls to spend several hours with.

Key specification:-

  • This makeup set is very durable for playing.
  • This makeup box does not require any battery. 
  • It has a multi color eyeshadow.
  • Its weight is so light.
  • It can be used for 3 years old and above.

3 Galaxy Hi-Tech ABS Plastic Dressing Table & Suitcase Pretend Play 3 in 1 Beauty Make Up Kit Set – Includes Makeup Accessories (Red)

Every baby girl wants makeup, dressup and wants to look pretty in their dreams. Galaxy hi-tech 3 in 1 beauty makeup kit is one of the best toy kits to develop self dressing ability. Kids can make this makeup kit as a dressing table and a suitcase.

Key specification:-

  • This kit is made from high quality material.
  • It has multiple assembly methods.
  • There are no sharp objects and corners that can hurt your child.
  • It has many makeup accessories.
  • These makeup kits will boost your child’s imaginative and creative skills.

4 TECHNO BUZZ DEAL WITH DEVICE OF GLOB Children Beauty Makeup Kit Pretend Play Fashion Set Toy with Carry case Suitcase Multi Color

This beauty makeup toy includes all accessories for makeup. Your little kids can imagine yourself a makeup designer, hair stylist all with this game.

 It has a one drawer that is used with other makeup accessories such as combs, lipstick, nail paints, rings. It’s mirror has a sound when your kids will press on a pink heart shaped button at the top.

Key specification:-

  • Perfect makeup pieces for small hands.
  • This makeup kit has a suitcase or trolley design with attractive wheels.
  • All beauty makeup toys are washable.
  • This is a great surprise gift for your little one.
  • These makeup sets have a lookable features.

5 Toyshine Carry Along Beauty Set Toy with Briefcase and Accessories, (Multicolour)

This makeup box has 20 attractive pcs. All makeup beauty accessories can be easily stored in the foldable carrying case. The best thing is this makeup play set can be carried anywhere and it can be converted into a trolly car with wheels.

Key specification:-

  • This is made of high quality material not easy to break.
  • Kids can have unlimited fun without any issues.
  • The weight of this makeup box is light, your kids can easily carry anywhere.
  • This pink and red color is very attractive between the girls.


Q.1 Is this real?

Ans:- No, it is a beauty playset for girls.

Q.2  What is the cost of a makeup set?

Ans:- It has different costs according to design and size. Generally starts from 200 INR.

Q.3 Is it washable material?

Ans:- yes, it can be easily cleaned.

Q.4 Is this makeup box durable?

Ans:- Yes, it is durable.


We have described above the best makeup boxes for girls, so that you can find a good beauty play makeup toy for your little one. The best part of this makeup set is that it increases knowledge about the beauty product among the girls. 

Its red and pink color is always an attractive color between the girls.  

Fully enjoy your makeup kit!

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