Einstein box science experiment kit | Ultimate science kit 40 experiment

Einstein box science experiment kit or ultimate science kit 40 experiment is one of the science experiment kit for your kids to learn about science & chemical experiments.

In this kit 40 experiments are available for your kids.

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The most important thing is that this kit is suitable for 7-12 years old children. Choking hazard  small parts not for children under 3 years. 

Follow the experiment as mentioned in the manual & your kids enjoy it. YouR kids may learn a number of things from this experiment kit.

Your kids enjoy, engage & learn from this kit. This kit is safe for 7-12 years old kids but it is good if you can keep an eye on your kids while doing experiments.

This kit is generally divided into  four categories.

  • Colour science
  • Explosive science
  • Soap science 
  • Polymer science

In this kit you may find test tubes, chemicals, scents, colours & all the material are child safe.

Experiment includes in kit

Explosive science

  1. Fizzy Magic Potion
  2. Underwater Volcano
  3. Magic Balloon
  4. Bath Bomb

Colour Science

  1. Let’s Make Colours
  2. Walking Water
  3. Colourful Jewels
  4. Test Tube Rainbow
  5. Chrome Illusion
  6. Multilayered Liquid

Soap Science

  1. Fragrant Mini Soaps
  2. Natural Mini Soaps

Polymer Science

  1. Stringy Noodles
  2. Magic Marbles
  3. Glow Worms

And 25 more experiments.

Packet inside experiment kit

Science kit Instruction  manual

Colour & crystal science

Red, orange & blue colourBlue & Yellow  colour in liquid form, Tissue papers,Crystal powder etc.

Explosive science

Two balloons, Vinegar(food grade), Cornstarch, Citric Acid(Crystal form), Baking Soda (Food Grade)etc. 

Polymer Science

Glow powder, Magic Powder, Gel Powder etc.

Soap Science

Glycerin flakes, Rose scent & Green Apple scent etc.

List of equipment with this kit

  • Messy Mat/ White sheet / Cover etc.
  • Scoops (2)
  • Cups(3) 
  • Measuring cylinder
  • Funnel  
  • Squeezy bottle 
  • String Stick 
  • Test Tubes (2) 
  • Test tube holder 

How to use einstein box science experiment kit

It is very easy to use einstein box science experiment kit. Use instruction manual & follow step by step guideline as per recommendation of experiment.

Time taken for an experiment completely depends on the nature of experiments. Generally it will take 10 -30 minutes for experiments.

Your kids follow simple steps as per manual & enjoy it.

Ultimate science experiment kit price

Price for einstein box experiment kit is approximately 700 INR.

How much does a science kit cost?

Price for einstein box experiment kit is approximately 700 INR

What is experiment box?

Science experiment box has a number of chemicals for performing science experiments at home.

What is in a science kit?

In the science kit you may find materials, manual & lab equipment etc.


Einstein box science experiment kit is one of the science experiment kits for your kids to learn about science & chemical experiment. Your kids enjoy & learn about science.

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