8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet

8.5 inch LCD writing tablet is one of the best gadgets for you & your kids for creativity, practice of writing, solving mathematical problems & as well as for to do lists.

Earlier days kids used slate & chalk after that white board with marker for writing & practices, in the digital era kids using LCD writing tablets for it.

Applications of LCD writing tab

  • Painting design
  • Practice calligraphy
  • Communication
  • To do list
  • Graffiti
  • Calculus

Major parts & buttons of LCD tab

Lanyard Hole

A small hole in the corner on the writing pad for attaching a stylish writing pad.

Erase/Delete button

Trash bin symbol on bottom of tab to delete whatever written on LCD writing tab.

Writing surface

Writing surface where you can write on it & show your creativity on it.

Battery slot

In the battery slot  you can use a generally replaceable 3V battery. In this you find a battery inside it.

Battery life is good 1-2 years. Generally you may find lithium batteries CR2024, CR2032 etc.

Stylus dock & Stylus

With the help of a stylus dock you can write & make painting on the writing surface as per your requirement.

Some LCD tablets have two styluses.

Lock button

Generally you find a lock button behind the lcd writing tab. In some tab you may also find lock unlock button on lower side of tab

There is a selection switch for lock & unlock. You may find a lock & unlock sign on it.

If you select the selector switch towards lock sign, it will disable delete button. It means if you select on lock & write something on writing surface & want to delete in that case you can not delete with delete button.

If you want to delete with the help of delete button, select selector switch towards unlock sign. 

LCD writing tab specifications


In the 8.5 inch tab you find an 8.5 inch screen, In the market you may also find 10, 12, 13.5, 16 inch writing tabs also.


As size increases, writing tab weight increases, in 8.5 inch tab you may find between 100- 200 grams. It may also depend on brands.

How to use 8.5 inch lcd writing tablet

  • Pull out the pen from pen holder
  • Writing on the writing tab surface as per your requirement.
  • Press the delete button (trash bin) to clean the screen.
  • In palm rejection only feel pointed hard pressure. If you press with the help of palm it can not impress on screen.
  • While drawing a line on it, If you apply more pressure with the help of stylish, thickness of line increases.

8.5 lcd writing tablet of environmental protection

You can say it is environmentally friendly because there is no paper, no chalk used in this pad. Only battery use for cleaning it.

How to change the battery

  • In some tabs use a screwdriver to take out the screw & in some tabs press the side button with the help of  screw driver. 
  • Press the switch & pull out the battery holder.
  • Replace with a new button battery.
  • Insert battery holder & fix screw as per requirement.

Note :-  Please use the same type of battery when you replace it.

Safety Precaution while using LCD writing tab

  • Do not use it in humid conditions.
  • Do not allow this product to get wet.
  • Do not place it near the flame source.
  • Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
  • Do not use other sharp objects to write on it.
  • Do not repair it on your own, get it repaired by a skilled person.
  • Please use the same type of battery.
  • If damaged, put in a sealed bag and put in non recycled trash.

Pros :

  • Flexible
  • Price is very affordable
  • Good battery life
  • Screen not made from glass & less chance to break.
  • Screen size is big.
  • One click clean up
  • Paperless
  • Nonradiative
  • No pollution while using (Only using battery and work for approx 1- 2 Years)
  • Eye Protection

Cons :

  • Visibility is low.
  • No waterproof.
  • One touch delete complete screen, if you want to delete a particular line & part you can not delete it. To overcome this problem you may use proffisy 8.5 inch colorful screen LCD erase writing tab. 

8.5 inch color lcd writing tablet

8.5 inch colorful screen LCD writing tablet with erase

It has two additional features one is color & second is selective erase. Price of this little bit high in case of non erasable tab.

Press the partial erase button once & start deleting on the display. This mode is active for 30 sec only. Erase content in 30 seconds. After pressing the partial  erase button the red LED starts blinking every second for 30 seconds.

Erase with the help of the back side of the pen.

Meanwhile if you want to end the partial erase function, press once delete button & start writing.


What is the price of 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet?

8.5 LCD writing tab price starts from 149 to as per your budget.

What are LCD writing tablet?

It is similar to slate & chalk , but  in this you can write with a plastic stylus to the writing board & you can delete the complete page with a single click.

What is the use of a writing tablet?

You can use painting design, practise calligraphy, communication, to do list, graffiti, calculus etc.

Which battery is used in LCD writing tablet?

In this you may find lithium ion batteries such as cr2024, cr 2032 etc.


8.5 inch LCD writing tablet is one of the best gadgets for you & your kids for day to day practice, to do list etc.

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