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Lunch box for kids are essential accessories for school going kids. Most of the lunch boxes are available in the market like plastic, metal, stainless steel.

When your kids are going to start school in the morning, they have a few essential things inside a bag e.g:- lunch box, water bottle, copies etc.

Lunch box is the most important thing for kids in which kids find their favorite foods and enjoy it with their friends.

A good lunch box makes a child enjoy lunch time with their friends and keep their food cold or hot. Small kids have excitement when they open their lunch box and find delicious food inside the lunch box.

Some lunch boxes have small compartments in which parents can put a different variety of snacks. 

Many different types of lunch boxes come in the market like plastic, insulated stainless steel lunch boxes, metal lunch boxes.  A good quality lunch box makes your kids healthy and safe. 

Safety precautions while using lunch boxes for kids

There are few safety tips for your kids while using the lunch box. Which are mentioned below:-

  • When you are packing the lunch box for kids, you must take care of cleanliness and maintain hygiene.
  • Before packing the lunch box, wash your hands and utensils properly.
  • After using the lunch box it should be properly washed.
  • Parents should be very careful choosing the food for their kids’ lunch box. 
  • Select those food items which are not choking hazards for your kids.
  • Don’t use a lunch box made from toxic plastic material
  • Most of the parents don’t teach their kids to open the lunch boxes because of which the kid’s finger comes between the lid and the finger can be pinched. Parents should always teach their kids to open the lunch box properly.

Selection criteria / buying guidelines for lunch box for kids

Before purchasing the lunch box for your kids, pay attention on below guidelines:- 


Before purchasing, make sure the lunch box is durable or not. Most of the time kids drop tiffin in the ground and tiffin is broken so choose the perfect and durable lunch box for your kids.

Leak proof

Sometimes we don’t check the lunch box properly and at the time food packing for your kids lunch box may leak so always choose the leak proof and  should be airtight lunch box.


Choose the proper size lunch box according to your kid’s appetite and make sure the lunch box fits into your kid’s bag. Big children require a big size lunch box but small kids require a small size lunch box.

Easy to clean

When you are going to buy a lunch box, select the easy shapes which are easy to clean. Everyday, cleaning the lunch box is very important with the help of the dishwasher.                                           


When you are selecting a good lunch box for your kids make sure the capacity of the lunch box should be appropriate according to your kid’s diet and remember the age of their kids.


There are many lunch boxes available in the market but it depends on which material lunch box you choose.

  • Plastic lunch box
  • Stainless steel lunch box
  • Metal lunch box
  • Insulated lunch box

Plastic lunch boxes are harmful for your kid’s health and have a bad impact on the environment. You can replace it with a good material lunch box.

You can use an insulated lunch box keeping your kids’ food items hot until lunch time.

Design / colors

Many lunch boxes have different designs. Some lunch boxes have 2 or 3 compartments for salad, snacks and fruits for your kids.

Most of the lunch boxes have adjustable dividers and outside designs are so funny for small kids which makes the kids so excited for lunch at lunch time with their friends.

Kids lunch boxes have various colors with beautiful characters and printing on the lunch boxes.

Lunch box for kids price in India

Kids lunch boxes have different quality and different prices online and offline but it depends on your choice and your budget. Generally kid’s lunch boxes start from approx 100 INR to thousands. You can purchase it according to your budget.

Top 5: Best lunch boxes for kids

These are 5 best lunch boxes for kids which are given below:-

1 Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Pack For Office & School Use (Veg Box Included, Red), Capacity – 175-1pc, 925ml-1pc

Cello click stainless steel lunch box is made of food grade material and super compact to fit in almost any corner of your bag. This lunch box comes with a leak proof mechanism that allows you to carry without any fear.

Key specification

  • This lunch box is easy to open, easy to close, easy to carry, easy to clean.
  • It has a 925 ml capacity.
  • It is made of stainless steel material.
  • Easy to fit in a school bag or hand bag.
  • It has a tight locking mechanism.
  • These lunch boxes are durable and sturdy.
  • It has a good space to carry food items for your kids.
  • You can properly clean with a tiny brush and scrub.

2 Jaypee Lunch Box Hello Kitty Pink 650 ml

Jaypee lunch boxes are made above plastic material and the inner side is made of stainless steel and come with leak proof vegetable containers. 

This lunch box has a lovely pink color and it can be a good idea to give gifts for kids at birthday parties, return gifts and children’s day etc. Its pink color is very attractive for most of the girls.

Key specification

  • This lunch box’s lid is airtight that keeps your kid’s food warm for longer.
  • It comes with a light weight.
  • This lunch box has 1 vegetable container and 1 stainless steel spoon also.
  • It has a capacity of 650 ml.
  • Its plastic material is BPA free.
  • Best part is its pink color which is the most favorite color of girls.

 3 Ikea Plastic Lunch Box for Snacks, Doggy face Box, Orange, 17x18x10 cm

The Ikea plastic lunch box is a very lookable and funny design for kids. Its lid’s design is like a doggy face. You can put solid foods inside the lunch box like sandwiches, fruits and snacks.

Key specification

  • It is recommended for 3 years old.
  • The lid is very easy to open for little kids.
  • Kids like ikea plastic lunch boxes due to its characteristic model.
  • It is made of harmless plastic.
  • Its orange color is very attractive.

4 FunBlast Burger Shaped Lunch Box for Kids – Lunch Box for Kids, Tiffin Box, Lunch Box Leak Proof Plastic Lunch Box, Lunch Box with Compartments

Fun blast lunch box has a beautiful burger design for kids. This lunch box is made up of non-toxic material and its inner surface is very smooth.

Key specification

  • It has removable compartments.
  • Burger shaped lunch boxes come with 1 spoon and 1 fork.
  • It is durable and leak proof.
  • Its burger design is multicolored.
  • Build quality is good.
  • Weight is very light and suitable for kids.

5 Jungle Magic Lunch Pack with Hand Sanitizer | Ideal Lunch Box for Kids| Ensures Kids sanitize Before They eat

Jungle magic lunch box comes with 1 hand sanitizer, spoon, fork and small container. This lunch box teaches your kids a sense of hygiene and protects your kid’s hands against the germs.

 The lunch boxe’s lid has a jungle printed character with a crocodile who attracts the kids very much.

Key specification

  • It has 750 ml capacity.
  • Its sanitizer fragrance is very attractive.
  • This lunch box has high quality plastic material.
  • It can be used for gifting purposes.
  • Sanitizer with this lunch box always reminds kids to clean hands before eating.
  • This lunch box is leak proof, durable and has colorful designs.


Q.1 Is it safe to use a plastic lunch box?

Ans:-  Plastic is very dangerous for a kid’s health. Poor plastic lunch boxes release toxic chemicals. Those chemicals create serious health issues. Always use a good quality plastic lunch box.

Q.2  What food should parents not pack in the lunchbox?

Ans:- Always put healthy food items in your kid’s lunch boxes. Never pack potato chips, soda, drink pouches, meat sandwiches etc.

Q.3  What can I put in my 3-year olds lunch box?

Ans:- Cheese, sprouts, green vegetables, sandwiches, paratha etc.

Q.4  How do I keep my kids’ lunch warm?

Ans:- The best way to keep your kids’ food items warm in lunch boxes is to invest in some insulated food containers.

Q.5  How do I choose a lunch box?

Ans:- The most important thing before purchasing the quality of the lunch box should be high quality material and should be proper insulation in the lunch box.

Q.6  What is the best way to sanitize a lunch box?

Ans:-  A lunch box can be sanitized with warm and soapy water and check the label for washing instructions.


Hopefully, you better understand which type of lunch box is good for your kids. Every parent wants their kids’ lunch to stay fresh and warm for hours so these are the above best lunch boxes for your kids to keep healthy and safe.

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