Rocking Chair For Kids

Rocking chair for kids makes your little one’s room look so lookable and helps to improve their balance & enjoyment.

Being a mother is difficult especially when your baby needs your attention while you are doing other things. Baby rocker is designed to keep your baby calm and engaged. Baby feels safe, comfortable and relaxed sitting on it.

When setting your kid’s bedroom don’t forget to bring the best rocking chair for your kids. Kids can use this rocking chair to watch their favorite cartoons sitting on it. 

Kids rocking chairs come in various colors and very cute designs like horse shape, goat, teddy bear and lion shapes which are so attractive for kids and are available in plastic, hardwood etc.

These rocking chairs are good for childhood memories. Some parents choose a rocking chair for their kids because many times crying babies don’t keep quiet so this is one of the best options for every parent. 

Some rocking chairs have cushions and come with a safety belt so that kids can be perfectly safe.

Rocking chairs for kids are portable and easy to pack. A rocking chair can be a marvelous addition to a kid’s bedroom. The rocking chair’s movement is also good to develop a kid’s balance. 

Kids rocking chairs come with many functions like vibrating rocking chairs, rocking chairs with music, foldable baby rocker, adjustable baby rocker. 

Some rocking chairs come with multiple options as 2 in1 & 3 in 1.

Safety precautions while using a rocking chair for kids

  • Don’t let the baby sleep the whole night in it.
  • Rocking chairs should not be placed on high surfaces.
  • Rocking chair seat must be flat to prevent the baby from falling out.
  • Sometimes rocking chairs can be the reason for injury if rockers are placed too close to heaters, electrical appliance and stoves etc
  • Never place the rocking chair on a table or other cracked surfaces.
  • Kids rocking chairs always keep away from any stairs.
  • Don’t keep a rocking chair near the window.
  • Must check all edges are smooth.
  • Also check more safety tips

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines for rocking chairs for kids

Before purchasing the rocking chairs for kids, there are some buying guidelines given below:-

Age, Size, color & design

Parents should choose a short seat so that the baby’s feet don’t touch the floor. Before purchasing it, pay attention to whether the rockers are comfortable to sit on or not for your kids. 

According to your kid’s age, you can choose a perfect size. These rocking chairs have many attractive colors and designs available online and offline. 


Before purchasing the rocking chair for your kids, first of all check the seat. Rocking chair seats should be very comfortable and padded with a seat belt.

Additional Accessories

Always choose that rocking chair which has a lot of accessories for the entertainment of your kid. Lots of accessories make it fun for your kids.

Kids vibrating rocking chair

These rocking chairs have by default vibration. Kids can enjoy the swings with this rocking chair. Vibration is operated by the battery which is chargeable or sometimes connected through a power socket.

Kids rocking chair with music

This rocking chair comes with different types of music which makes your kid’s so entertaining. 

Foldable rocking chair

Many rocking chairs come with foldable designs. It can be folded easily so you can take these rocking chairs with you and can put it anywhere.

Adjustable rocking chair

These types of rocking chairs can be adjusted easily according to your kids. As the baby grows up he/she needs more space so you can adjust the size of these rocking chairs according to your baby.

Rocking chair for kids price in India

Different types of rocking chairs have different prices. Generally rocking chairs start from approx. 600 INR to thousands. 

If you want to buy rockers with different accessories then the price will increase compared to simple rocking chairs.

You can purchase a kids rocking chair online and offline. The price of the kids rocking chair depends upon the quality, material, features and size. 

Top 5 : Best rocking chairs for kids

These are the 5 best rocking chairs for kids, here you can find the best rocking chairs under the given below:-

1. Luvlap Jungle Tales Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker Cum Bouncer (Multicolour)

Luvlap jungle tales for newborn babies have a comfort padded seat with extra layers. It has a good music effect to keep the baby calm and happy. It has a kickstand for static position during feeding or sleeping.

Key specification

  • It is portable .
  • This rocker has adjustable seatbelts.
  • Its attractive toy bar is removable.
  • It comes with many different colors.
  • Seat can be removed and washable easily.

2. Baybee 2 in 1 Baby Horse Ride on Toy Car for Kids, Baby Rocking Chair Ride on Push Car with Parent Push Handle| Kids Baby Push Car Toy Rocking Horse Chair | Ride-on Toys for Kids 1 to 3 Years (Blue)

This rocking chair can be used in 2 in 1 options. Horse rocking chair can be used as a ride on a push car which can be pushed with the help of a push handle and on the other hand it can be used as a rocking chair for the kids.

So your kids will enjoy both horse riding and horse rocking chairs.  Baby rides on a horse rocking chair come with a 3 point safety belt. It is designed according to the baby comfortness and there are no round edges.

Key specification

  • Easy to hold grip handles.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Rocking pad is removable 
  • It has multiple colors.
  • It is made of good quality plastic and is quite durable.
  • Easy to assemble there is no tool needed.

3. Baybee Baby Rocking Horse for Kids, Baby Chair for Kids, Plastic Swing Horse Ride-on Toy for Kids- Baby Rocking Table Chair for Kids Indoors & Outdoors for Boys and Girls 12 Months – 3 Years, Blue

Baby rocking horse for kids can be used as a rocking chair, dining chair, or seat. It is fun and has a lovely shape. It is a great gift to give your kids. It can be placed in any living area.

Key specification

  • It is made of PVC plastic.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • This rocking chair has anti-slip footrest and safety seat backrest for kid’s comfortness.
  • It comes with two colors.
  • It does not have any sharp edges.

4. Prima Baby Rocking Plastic Chair for Kids, Toddlers, Rocker and Bouncer with Backrest for 6 Month to 3 Years Age Kids

Prima baby rocking chairs offer a playful resting space for the kids to eat and play. It has two arms rest with front support which helps to keep the kids safe. Its flat back support is so comfortable for your kids.

Key specification

  • This rocking chair is made with high grade virgin plastic material.
  • It is designed with smooth edges.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It can be carried for outdoor areas also.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Its shape is very lookable for kids.

5. Nilkamal Rocker (2-4 Years, Multi)

If you are looking for a good rocker then Nikamal rocker is a great option for your kid’s room. Every little one loves this rocking chair, it has enough space and kids can enjoy it whether they are having snacks and watching tv. It is a very relaxing chair for kids.

 Key specification

  • This rocking chair can be easily pulled out and moved to different areas in the house.
  • It is made of good plastic material.
  • Its color combination is too good. Kids love this color.
  • No battery required.
  • Easy to maintain.


Which chairs are best for kids?

For different-different purposes, different-different chairs are best for kids.

Which material is best for kids chairs?

Plywood, Plastic, Polypropylene, Marine Grade, etc.

Is rocking good for kids?

A rocking chair in your kids bedroom is a fun and easy way to let them relax and find comfort.

Is a rocking chair safe?

Yes, it is safe when used appropriately.


Above, you have successfully checked the list of 5 best rocking chairs for kids so it should be easy for every parent to decide which rocking chair will be the best for your kids.

The kids rocking chair is a fantastic choice to make your kids happy and energetic. A rocking chair is an essential part of every kid’s room. These rockers can help kids to improve their balance and bring smiles on newborn babies and kids also.

Rocking chairs are a very entertaining ‘TOY’ for kids !

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