Baby Cradle Automatic Swing

Baby cradle automatic swing is an electronic cradle that helps to reduce the mother’s efforts and make your baby calm and enjoy it.

In ancient times when the baby was weeping, the mother swung the cradle in your own hand. It was an effective method to help babies fall asleep. But now in the modern time baby cradle swing has both an automatic and manual swing option.

An automatic baby cradle swing is an electronic cradle that improves household management and helps to reduce the parent’s labor intensity. Baby cradle automatic swing is made up of a padded seat that hangs from a metal frame. 

Baby cradle automatic swing is the most comfortable, and entertaining toy for babies.  Baby’s automatic cradle swings help them cheer and relax during their sleep, they just love the swing’s rocking motion.

Baby Cradle is a baby’s personal little space where baby’s spend their time. Baby cradle automatic swing is a very comfortable place where your baby sounds sleep and dreams. A cradle develops sleeping habits and keeps the baby’s soft body safe and relaxed.  But don’t sleep the baby in the cradle for a long time.

Baby automatic cradles are made of wooden, plastic or stainless steel material. Different cradles come with different designs and different colors. Some models have very attractive designs and come with music, toys, wheels and lights. You can find it in different ways such as full size baby swings, portable baby swings, baby bouncers, adjustable cradle, cradle with adjustable seat.

Good sleep and rest are essential for overall development in babies.

Safety precautions while using baby cradle automatic swing

Your baby’s cradle automatic swing should be a safe place so always keep a few important safety tips in your mind. Your baby deserves all the safety and precautions.

  • Never keep baby cradle swings on an elevated surface, such as a table, bed.
  • Avoid having blankets or toys in the swing.
  • Adult supervision is very important with a close distance.
  • The mattress of the cradle must be sturdy and stable, it should fit properly into the cradle.
  • Don’t use any pillows, soft toys in the cradle. It can be suffocated for babies.
  • Check a few things before you move your baby in the cradle: such as loose screws, sharp edges etc.
  • Always keep the baby’s cradle far away from the windows and wires.
  • Always keep your baby’s cradle in the same room as the parents.
  • Entertaining things like toys which are hanging to the cradle should be completely attached. These can become hazardous to the baby if able to remove them.
  • First of all start with slow motion, different cradles have different speed or motion settings.
  • Baby cradle swinging time should be limited, babies don’t swing for longer than 30 minutes, it can make some babies dizzy.

Selection criteria / buying guidelines for baby cradle automatic swing

Before getting a baby cradle automatic swing you must look for a few important buying guidelines. Which are some here:-

Adjustable swing speed

Many times it is so difficult for the parents to make the baby feel comfortable and calm. So the swing speed is very important for the baby’s comfortness. 

So make sure before purchasing baby automatic cradle swing, the speed adjustment controller should be there in the automatic cradle. It helps to adjust the speed of the automatic cradle in the sleeping time of the baby.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Baby cradle automatic swing has a different carrying capacity. Babies are in a growing stage so your baby cradle can run out of space in some months. So according to your baby weight and size choose the right automatic cradle swing.

 A heavy swing would not be convenient to move from one room to another. So it is important to you, check the weight of the swing should not be so heavy.


Don’t let the baby spend the whole day in the cradle. The whole day cradle swing motion can make some issues with the baby.


Fabric is a very important part for a baby’s comfortness. Always choose a washable and cotton fabric cradle for your baby.

Build quality

When purchasing baby cradle swing, always go with high quality such as made with metal pipes and polypropylene  plastic cradle.

Hygiene/ Cleaning

Hygiene is the essential part for baby cradle automatic swing. Make sure before purchasing that baby cradle should have washable removable pads to maintain hygiene. Automatic cradle swing should be easy to clean.


Only purchase that baby automatic cradle which comes with a 3 or 5 point safety harness.

Power Consumption

Electric baby cradle automatic swings consume very little power and are easy to maintain for every parent.


Why do you buy a single feature baby cradle swing? 

Nowadays baby cradle swings can be easily converted into a baby rocker and or baby bouncer. Very small settings change your baby swing as rocker and bouncer, always purchasing all in one featured cradle.

Additional Features: 

In today’s time baby cradle swings have a lot of entertaining  features for babies. Cradle swings come with batteries and automatic options and the cradle has baby sound players, a toy tray and cameras. So always go with additional baby swing features.


A baby cradle automatic swing can offer motions, speed, directions and vibration. A baby swing might have two or five different speeds. It vibrates softly and is able to go back and forth, even up and down. These swing features can be a bit expensive. But your baby will enjoy it more.


Portable cradle swing is the perfect choice for small spaces or traveling. It is lightweight and folds easily. The cradle that you choose should be flexible and easy to fold to go anywhere.

Height of the cradle

Many times the baby is sleeping in the cradle but in the middle time the baby wakes up frequently when they are hungry and need a diaper change. 

Mother will have to pick up your baby several times. So choose that cradle which has a convenient height for you. Height of the swing is adjustable so you can adjust according to your convenience.

Baby’s age

Baby cradle automatic swing should be used till the age of 6-8 months. This is the perfect age when your baby uses this cradle swing.

Keep the above considerations in mind when buying a baby cradle automatic swing for your little baby. 

Baby cradle automatic swing price in india

There are various baby cradle automatic swings available in the market starting from approx 6000 INR to thousands. And prices depend on the cradle features. More features have more prices. You can go with a low price or high price  automatic cradle according to your budget.

Top 5 : Best baby cradle automatic swing

1. R for Rabbit Lullabies Automatic Swing Cradle with Remote Control, Balanced Automatic Swing Cradle, Electronic Cradle for Baby,  Baby Cradle of Age 0-2 Years 

R for rabbit baby cradle automatic swing is one of the best baby cradles which has both option manual and automatic swinging. It comes with 5 point motor speed and also offers a smart timer.

It has soothing music with 16 tunes and 6 natural sounds. Swing speed control with remote controller. It is a battery operated feature and can use a power adapter with remote control.


  • It has a high quality mosquito net with a cute design.
  • It has a 3 point safety harness that secures the baby in a cradle while sleeping.
  • Swing not in use, it can be locked.
  • It has soft cushions for baby comfortness.
  • It is durable and has very light weight.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Height of the swing is short.

2.R for Rabbit Snicker The Playful Automatic Baby Swing with Hanging Toys and Remote Control for Newborn Baby – Gray Blue

R for rabbit snicker swing made with premium quality plastic and has a very attractive and innovative design. It has a 5 point safety harness with cute hanging toys.

This cradle swing has an inbuilt speaker system with sweet sound and controls the swing speed with a handy remote.  Baby enjoys it very calmly, such as when the baby is lying in the mother’s lap. 


  • Removable cushions for easy wash.
  • It is foldable for easy storage.
  • It comes with a comfortable sitting position.
  • Baby enjoys it with soft music.
  • You can set the timer on/off.


  • Seating capacity is very small.
  • Rabbit snicker swing is a bit expensive.

3.Baybee Celea Cradle for Baby, Automatic Swing Jhula for Baby with Mosquito Net, Electric Baby Cradle  Baby Jhula with Remote & Soothing Music, Newborn Baby Crib Cradle for Baby 0- 2 Years (Pink)

Baybee electric baby cradle automatic swing is very durable and made of ABS plastic. This baby cradle comes with a removable mosquito protection net that keeps your baby safe from insects.

It also maintains air circulation inside the cradle.

Its swing angle is adjustable with the MP3 plug function. It has a folding bracket, and can be easily placed in the car. Baby sleeps gently like on mother’s arm.  


  • It has 6 level speed adjustment.
  • It has cotton fabric which makes the baby more comfortable.
  • Safety 4 corners for the cradle cover with the strong grip.
  • You can control all features of the cradle with a remote.
  • This cradle has thick, strong and more durable steel pipe.
  • Electric cradle has multiple functions.
  • This electric cradle has rechargeable batteries.


  • Mosquito net is too short

4.RONBEI Baby Swings for Infants, Cradle Swing, Electric Baby Swing Chair with 4 Swing Speeds/Vibration & Music

Ronbee baby cradle swing make mom’s day simple and convenient. This baby swing maintains 4 speeds and you can set a swing timer 10, 20, or 30 minutes. It has 8 light effects with lovely soothing music and hanging soft toys keeps the baby entertained. Its soft seat cover can be washed in the machine.


  • It has a 5 point seat safety harness.
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy.
  • The fabric on the seat is soft and perfect for a baby.
  • It has more comfortable space for babies.
  • It has a removable seat pad.


  •    It is a little expensive.

 5.StarAndDaisy 2-in-1 Premium Modern Automatic Electric Baby Swing Rocker Cradle 

Star and daisy automatic cradles come with multiple levels as sitting, relaxing and sleeping. It has a ultra soft U shape pillow that holds the baby’s head and bluetooth connection for playing music and wireless remote control also. It has soft and skin friendly fabrics for baby’s safety. 


  • It has 5 swing speeds with adjustment.
  • It comes with a 5 point seat safety harness.
  • Easy to sleep, no mosquito stung.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It has light weight and can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • Easy to clean seat pad.
  • It has a removable mosquito net and detachable dining tray.


  • Its speaker volume is low.


Can a baby sleep in an automatic swing?

Baby can temporarily play and rest in the swing. If the baby sleeps in the swing for a long time, it may be uncomfortable for your kids.

Are baby automatic cradles safe?

A cradle is very sturdy and safe but always should be used in  close monitoring of adults. 

Can I make the baby sleep in the cradle all night?

It is not good to make a baby sleep alone in the cradle at night. Baby should be with your mother at night.

At what age can a baby go in a baby swing?

Once they can feel comfortable inside in the cradle.

Do babies really need a swing?

Baby swings are the perfect item for many new parents. swings are a great tool for keeping your baby safe and entertained.


Baby cradle automatic swing is the perfect and entertaining toy for babies. If you are searching for the best baby cradle to pamper your little one then you can go with these products.

Nowadays all mothers are busy in the office and other household jobs and they can not pay attention to their babies. With the development of technology, day to day work has been easy for every parent along with these cradles.

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