Wooden Rocking Horse For Kids

Wooden rocking horse for kids  are unique, handcrafted and eco-friendly toys for kids.

A wooden rocking horse is a kid’s toy horse which a kid can sit on and which can be made to rock backwards and forwards. Wooden rocking horses can be great and fun toys for kids. It is an indoor or outdoor play for kids.

Wooden rocking horses will help kids develop arm strength, encourage exercise and make a sense of  balance. These are also a fantastic tool to develop to make your kid’s balance, motor skills and kid’s imagination.

When a small baby reaches the age of a kid, they enjoy playing with animals like horses, elephants, lions and much more. At this age, a rocking horse is the most interesting toy for your kids.

Kids can play, enjoy this wooden rocking horse in kindergartens, playgrounds and other outdoor places. Its wooden design will not harm the floor, it can also be used in homes.

Some rocking horses have additional fun features such as noisy ears, soothing music which will keep your little rider entertained.  Some wooden rocking horses have moving activities and music.

Wooden rocking horse is not a gender specific toy, both boys and girls can play with it. Rocking horses have no any type of assembly. Wooden rocking horses are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. It comes with many styles such as soft plush rocking horse, horse with rollers, wooden rocking horse, soft plush rocking horse with rollers.

Safety precautions while using wooden rocking horse for kids

Whenever kids use rocking horses, parents keep some safety tips in their mind so that your kid can safely enjoy the toy.

  • Immediately replace the wooden rocking horse if it has been damaged.
  • Before playing the wooden rocking horse, make sure that none of the pieces have become loose.
  • Check all rounded corners, there should be no sharp edges in the rocking horses.
  • Make sure there are no chemicals used in the finishing process.
  • Any type of sound in a rocking horse should be soothing for kids. Loud music will not be soothing for a kid’s ear.
  • Don’t ride two kids on the wooden rocking horse at the one time. 
  • Never keep a wooden rocking horse on an elevated surface such as a table, bed.
  • Don’t keep wooden rocking horse near the stairs.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines for wooden rocking horse for kids

Before purchasing a wooden rocking horse, there are some guidelines to keep in mind so that we can choose a good toy for our kids.

Size and seat height

When purchasing, keep the height of the seat and size in your mind so that your kid can fit in it comfortably. According to your kids height, choose the perfect height rocking horse so that the kids can play and enjoy it.

Style and design

There are Very attractive designs and styles available in the market. It depends on you which is your favorite design and style of the horses for your kids. A unique style and different designs rocking horses attract kids quickly. 

Natural materials and solid wood 

The first thing to consider is what type of wood will best suit your kid’s needs. Before purchasing, first of all, check the quality of the wood and what kind of material it is made of. It should be durable, safe and kids friendly.

Always purchase made from high quality woods should not go with lower quality woods. It develops problems a short time after purchase. Good material provides stability and prevents the kids from falling.


Wooden rocking horses are fun among the kids. According to your kid’s age, you need to pick the most suitable one. If your kid is too small, then a soft plush rocking horse with musical features would be a good option. If your kid is four years old, then you can choose the horse with rollers.

Attractive / Accessories

Always choose an attractive and bright color rocking horse for your kids. And choose more accessories and additional features so that your kid is engaged for a long time with their new favorite friends.

Soft plush rocking horse

It becomes so cute and sturdy. Its base is made of wood and the upper part is made of soft plush fabric with outstanding designs. Your kid will be extremely surprised and happy to have it as a birthday gift.

Horse with rollers

It is durable and comes with four wheels. Kids can comfortably scoot around the house for a long time. If you are considering this as a gift for your kid, this is the perfect choice. 

Wooden rocking horse

Wooden rocking horses now come with fun and modern features such as a broad seat, backrest and footrest. There is a U-ring on the seat to protect your kid from falling back while rocking. 

The rocking motion, bright colors, various shapes will help kids to develop motor skills, and increase imagination power. 

This wooden rocking horse toy is made from eco-friendly materials, non-toxic, water based paints with kids safety in mind. 

Soft plush rocking horse with rollers.

It can convert 2 in 1 option into soft plush rocking horse without wheel and can be used only with wheel. Wheels can run on the floor and lawn. Its structure is made from solid wood and covered with a soft plush fabric.

Wooden rocking horses price in india

There are various colors, designs and different sizes of rocking horses available online and offline starting from approx 600 INR to thousands. Parents can find the perfect one for their kids. 

Different colors, designs and sizes have different prices. It depends on your budget which rocking horse you go with. 

Best wooden rocking horse for kids

1. Shumee Wooden Rocking Horse- Balance & Coordination Skills, 1 Year

Shumee wooden rocking horse for babies of age 1 year and above. It has a comfortable broad seat, backrest and footrest with a comfortable handlebar to hold on.

Rubber sliders on all 4 edges of the rocker base prevent extreme rocking movements and always keep the horse in a stable position. Its U-shape ring provides the extra safety for your kids. 


  • It is made from rubberwood, no plastic material is used.
  • It is non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly.
  • There are no batteries required.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Safety U-ring is removable as the kids grow.
  • Wipe with sanitizer or damp cloth.


  • There is no cushion.
  • It is a little expensive.

2. Baybee Wooden Horse for Kids/Baby-Rocking Horse for Kids/Toddlers/Baby 3 Years with Realistic Sounds Rocking Toys for Kids Safely Holds Children 

Its upper part is made from soft plush fabric and the base is made from wood. As soon as we press a button near the horse’s ear, very nice music comes out. 

With the help of a soft handle kids can rock this wooden horse forward as well as backward easily. Rocking horse’s large seat is enough for kids around 4 years old to ride on.


  • It has attractive multicolors.
  • It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • It is a long lasting toy for kid’s play with.
  • Music, lighting, tail wagging is very attractive and kids enjoy it.
  • This is perfect for kids till the age of 4 years.
  • It comes with a comfortable footrest.


  • Its body is not so sturdy.

3. Baybee Jumbo Horse Rocking Chair for Kids/Toddlers- Ride on Baby Rocking Horse with High Backrest & Easy Grip Handle| Baby Kids Ride on Toys| Baby Rocking Horse Rider for Kids 1 to 3 Years Boys Girls

Baybee jumbo rocking horses improves balancing skills in kids. This rocking horse is made of PP material and comes with cute animal designs. Kids can be engaged and have non stop fun for hours. 


  • Easy to clean the dirt.
  • Easy to hold grip handles.
  • It has a safe backrest for kids comfortness.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It is very easy to fix.


  • Its swinging is not so good.
  • Its price is a little expensive.

4. BabyGo Hiro Rocking Horse Toy Ride On Kids Rocker 

If you are looking for a fun and exciting toy to keep your kids entertained then this is one of the useful toy for your kids. BabyGo rocking horse has been designed in bright colors with smoothed corners and edges. It will help your kids improve balance and coordination skills.  


  • This rocking horse has a big seat and comfortable grip handles.
  •  It is perfect for outdoor or indoor play areas.
  • It is made of non-toxic plastic material.
  • Its base provides good stability.
  • No battery operated.
  • It comes with multi colors.


  • Its height is short.

5. Twizzle 2 in 1 Baby Horse Rider for Kids Ride-on Push Car Toy Rider for Babies Toddler Baby Birthday Gift for Baby 1 Year to 5 Year

It comes with 2 in 1 function, use the toy as a rocker or a foot to floor ride on, with cushion seat backrest and safety belt. Twizzle 2 in 1 kids rocking horses comes with strong and large wheels which glide smoothly over concrete, carpet and hard surfaces. It comes with an attractive color and musical horn which makes fun between the kids. 


  • It is completely washable.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry outside.
  • The rocker base is strong.
  • It is durable and made of high quality plastic material.
  • This rocking horse is the best birthday gift for a baby.


  • Rocker’s fitting is not easy.


What age is a wooden rocking horse for ?

It’s suitable for kids when they start to sit and balance.

Are rocking horses worth it ?

A rocking horse can be a gateway to all sorts of adventures for creative and imaginative kids. They are great for developing physical skills and balance.

Is a rocking horse good for kids ?

These classic toys have been inspiring imaginations for generations. They help improve balance and coordination.

How do I choose a rocking horse ?

Their sizes and seat heights are key elements that you need to consider in your kids rocking horse decision making process.


Wooden rocking horses for kids develop to make their balance, sensory skills, coordination skills. In today’s technology world, it can be challenging to keep your kid away from video games and online activities.

 Wooden rocking horses are neither boring, nor outdated toys for kids. If you want a toy for your kid’s birthday gift, it can be a funny and very enjoyable gift for a long time. We hope you can choose the right wooden rocking horse in the above best list. 

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of wooden rocking horses for kids.

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