Trampoline for kids indoor | Indoor trampoline for kids

Trampoline for kids indoor helps them to play and improve balance and coordination.

A trampoline is a piece of equipment in which kids can jump up and down. Nowadays every kid loves to jump. If you are looking for the best fitness tool for home then trampoline is the best option for your kids. 

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Trampoline is good for physical growth and it will give confidence to your little one. Regular use of trampoline is great for the encouragement of balance.

Jumping on a trampoline has been a lot of fun and exercise for grown up kids for a long time. Kids will love to play on the trampoline.

Every kid likes to jump so trampolines are a great gift for every kid. If you give them some little toys, they will be happier. And if you are busy, kids can play on the trampoline by themselves.

It will increase endurance and improve balance and coordination. It is a unisex toy and a great choice to keep your child active, entertained and develop sports skill also.

There are different shapes of trampoline available in the market. Round shape, rectangular etc.

Safety precautions while using trampoline for kids indoor

Trampolines are designed keeping safety in mind but still there are some safety tips while using a trampoline for kids indoor.

  • Kids should always enjoy this toy under adult supervision.
  • There should be a safety net around the kid’s trampoline.
  • Kids trampoline always placed on clear surfaces and areas should be free from potential hazards such as flood, trees, and electric wire.
  • Kids should not even do stunts on the trampoline.
  • The springs must be checked by adults before using it.
  • If there are some losses in the trampoline then they must immediately fix it.
  • Kids should never use a wet trampoline.
  • Multiple age group people do not climb on the trampoline at the same time. 
  • Kids jump should always be maintained on the trampoline.
  • Always jump only in the middle part of the trampoline.

On the other hand it is also important to regularly check the trampoline to make sure that it is in good working condition or not.

Selection criteria / buying Guidelines trampoline for kids indoor

Most of the kids are energetic and love jumping. Parents can take this advantage to buy for their kids. But before buying a good trampoline for your kids, you need to know how to select the right one.

Jumping platform area

You may find jumping platform areas in 40’’, 45’’, 55’’, 60’’ Inch. Generally jumping trampoline available in a circular area. It means platform diameter 40’’, 45’’, 55’’, 60’’ Inch. 

Age limit

When choosing a good trampoline for your kids, always keep in mind the age of your kids. A trampoline is not appropriate for small kids. According to your kid’s age, select the best trampoline which comes with a lot of safety features.

The right shape

Before purchasing a perfect trampoline, always decide what shape is the best for your kids. 

Weight limit

The weight limit of a trampoline also matters. Always check the minimum/maximum weight limit of the trampoline and how many kids enjoy it at once. It all depends on the weight/size of the trampoline. 

Materials / Durability

Remember one thing in every parent’s mind, before buying it which type of material is used. Material should be strong, sturdy and water resistant so that during the rain you don’t need not to worry about them getting rusted. 

The fabric should be made of high quality material. And don’t forget to check its durability with features.

Weather resistant

The trampoline should be resistant in all weather conditions and which can be able to stand in all weathers.


Examine the maximum height of the trampoline and select which suited your kid’s height. 

Safety features

Safety features are the most important part of the trampoline. Nowadays most of the trampolines come with extra safety features but still check its safety net, springs and ladder should be covered up properly.  


You can purchase trampolines with springs and without springs. It’s your choice if you want to high bounce you can go with higher springs if you want to limit bounce you can choose low springs.

Kids can use a springless trampoline with the help of fiberglass rods. 

Safety nets 

Safety net around the indoor trampoline is the perfect feature for your kids. Safety nets prevent the kids from falling outside the trampoline. Parents always choose that trampoline which comes with a higher quality safety net.

Jumping mat

Always select that trampoline whose jumping mat has water protection and is suitable for all seasons. 


Safety pads cover the side of the whole trampoline to prevent fingers and hairs from getting caught in the springs. It is an essential part of the trampoline for the kid’s safety purpose.


Ladder is very necessary with a trampoline. With the help of the ladder kids can get on and off a trampoline safely but make sure it should be removable when the trampoline is not in use.

Trampoline for kids indoor price in india

The price of the indoor trampoline for kids will be a major deciding factor. Generally indoor trampoline for kids start from approx 5000 INR as per your budget.

The price usually depends on the quality and features. High quality has more price and low quality has low price and cheaper quality will not last as long. 

Best trampoline for kids indoor

1First Play 55 inch Trampoline with Safety Net & U-Shape Legs for Kids Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline
2BabyGo 55 inch 4.5 Feet Indoor & Outdoor Kids Trampoline
3Kids wonder trampoline 38-Inch Folding Trampoline for Indoor jump Sport
4VGMIu Indoor Trampoline for Kids Toddler Baby with Net Springs
5OAFISHLY 40 Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle, Foldable Trampoline for Kids Play Indoor

First Play 55 inch Trampoline with Safety Net & U-Shape Legs for Kids  Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline

This is an indoor and outdoor trampoline. In the winter and rainy season, it can be used indoors. It comes with thick padding and a safety net. Its leg design is a unique U shape which is stable and sturdy. 

This is a perfect size and has more space and comfort for kids. The design of the net is different from that of other trampolines.


  • This trampoline has a net zipper.
  • It is made of a heavy duty stainless steel frame for rust protection.
  • Its materials are anti-fading and waterproof.
  • Jumping mat of the trampoline is made of PP material.
  • It helps to grow a kid’s height.


  • It is difficult to assemble.

BabyGo 55 inch 4.5 Feet Indoor & Outdoor Kids Trampoline 

This trampoline is built with a heavy duty steel frame. Baby Go trampoline is the best choice for kids indoors. The intimate door is designed with a thick zipper for easy door opening and closing, which is more convenient.


  • It has a bold, strong spring.
  • It is available in multi colors.
  • Easy to assemble it.
  • It helps improve your kid’s balance and coordination.
  • 3, 4 kids can play at a time.


  • Its spring cover is a little short.

Kids wonder trampoline 38-Inch Folding Trampoline for Indoor jump Sport

These mini trampolines for kids are perfect for small indoor spaces. It’s foldable and designed to fit small spaces and you can carry it from one spot to another. Its frame is properly covered and protects kids’ knees and prevents metal from scratching kids. 


  • It is easy to fold and place anywhere.
  • It has a soft PVC pad for kid’s safety.
  • Its steel tube is very sturdy.
  • It can be easily assembled without any tools.
  • It has a high elasticity jumping mat.
  • Its yellow color is very attractive for kids.


VGMIu Indoor Trampoline for Kids Toddler Baby with Net Springs

This 5 ft indoor trampoline with net is safe and reliable for kids. This  indoor small trampoline brings more fun with basketball hoops and makes good memories among the kids. 

This is good exercise equipment for kids. Each U-shape foot is set with two large suction cups, which improves stability and will not damage the floor.


  • Jumping mat is made of PP material and is durable.
  • This trampoline comes with a basketball hoop, 10 pcs of balls, rust-proof steel pipe, safety net, springs cover pad and jumping mat.
  • Its spring pad is made of PVC foam.
  • This is good exercise equipment, and can exercise the kid’s legs and knees.


  • The plastic of the balls is not very strong.
  • It is a little expensive.

OAFISHLY 40 Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle, Foldable Trampoline for Kids Play Indoor, Small Trampoline for Kids Jump Sports Age 6-12

This trampoline is foldable and comes with a detachable handle that prevents kids from falling. It also can be adjusted up and down, height adjustable which is suitable for kids of various heights.

Its 6 legs are all covered with footpads and its handlebar is covered with soft foam and prevents slipping during bouncing and protects your kids.


  • It can be easily folded into the car and stored under the bed and sofa.
  • Jumping mat is made of PP material which keeps kids safe.
  • It is more durable, waterproof and stain resistant.
  • It has a non-slip handlebar for easy grip.


  •  This trampoline height is a little small.


Are indoor trampolines safe for kids ?

The safety of indoor trampoline for kids depends on the features including stability, safety nets and springs should be attached properly.

Why are trampolines good for kids ?

It is  a great way of increasing a kid’s muscle development and   strengthening bones.

How does a spring free trampoline work ?

Spring free trampoline uses with the help of fiberglass rods.

How to assemble a trampoline ?

It is very easy to assemble. You just need to follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual.


Trampoline for kids indoors is a lot of fun for every kid. It has great memories and really good and exciting toys. Using a trampoline greatly improves a kid’s mood, posture, balance and increases your kid’s length.

As per our choice you may go with

First Play 55 inch Trampoline with Safety Net & U-Shape Legs for Kids  Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline

Trampoline is good for physical growth for every kid. So above are some of the best trampolines for kids to burn energy.

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